Quote of the Week


I plan on posting a quote from my favorite writing books every Wednesday. 🙂 Today’s quote of the week is from Jodie Rhodes, President of Jodie Rhodes Literary Agency. I have been tempted to start out with scenery again and again! I struggle with a good beginning and scenery always seems like a safe bet! However, I know as a reader, scenery can make for an incredibly boring beginning!

This quote is found in Writing Conversations by Cherie K. Miller. Each day has a new quote about writing. It is now one of my favorite books and has lots of great quotes in it!

“Let’s start with the things you should not do: Never open with scenery! Novels are about people, about the human condition. That’s why we read them. Yet writer after writer starts off with descriptions of cities, towns, streets, forests, mountains, oceans, etc. Of course I know why. They’ve learned how to describe landscapes in language that seems literary, and hope we’ll be impressed. We are not. We are looking for life.”

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla


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