Quote of the Week

Today is Wednesday which means it’s time for another Quote of the Week. Today’s quote from JoAnn Ross, author of No Safe Place, is found in Writing Conversations by Cherie K. Miller. I really love this quote because it’s very encouraging. My mom and I have been listening to classic literature in the car and on the computer this summer. It’s often discouraging to hear the beautiful language and incredible writing and then think of my own novel, and compare my writing or plot to another’s. This quote makes me realize that I’ll never write like anyone else because I write in my own way, and that I can still write a novel, even if it doesn’t sound like anyone else’s.

“One of my many college majors was literature, and for several years I doubted I could write a novel because I’d never be a Tolstoy. It finally dawned on me that the world already had a Tolstoy, and it didn’t need another one. Which is when I decided to tell my stories my way.” – JoAnn Ross

~ Kayla


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