“Finding the Core of your Story” by Jordan Smith

Imagine this: You’re an author and you’re on an elevator with another person. The other person decides to strike up a conversation.

Person: What do you do?
You: Well, I’m a novelist.
Person: Oh, really? What is your book about?
You: Well…ummm…it’s…about…well, you see, there’s these rival clans…

And then the elevator reaches the floor, and the person steps out. You, as the author, lost a potential reader and fan.

This scenario was suggested in the introduction of Jordan Smith’s book “Finding the Core of your Story.”

Most authors know their book backwards and forwards, but when it comes to pitching it in one sentence, it’s hard to narrow down the plot to an accurate sentence. I know for myself, it’s like I’ve been asked to explain the meaning of the universe. 🙂

“Finding the Core to your Story” by Jordan Smith solves that problem. In the book, Mr. Smith teaches how to write and use a logline, which he defines as, “a one-sentence summary for your story.” Loglines not only give you a pitch for your novel; they also can be used as a guide to help keep your novel moving in the correct direction.

I loved the book! I’ve read “Finding the Core to your Story” multiple times and have used it to write loglines for many of my WIPs. Not only was the book instructive and informative, it was funny! Mr. Smith’s sense of humor made the book interesting and fun. Included throughout the book are multitudes of logline examples that are very helpful in constructing your own.

Creating loglines for my stories has given me that basic plotline that I wrote about yesterday in “How I Write” and keeps me focused. I also find it comforting to have a logline in my back pocket to pull out if anyone ever asks me what I’m writing about.

I bought the book for my Kindle, but it is also available in paperback form on Amazon.com.

Jordan Smith blogs over at FixMyStory.com and tweets regularly @Malfhok.

~ Kayla


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