Character Name Resources

Last Monday’s post was all about character name tips. Today, I thought I’d share some of my favorite websites for finding those names.

One of my personal favorites for naming advice is They not only have sections on names from around the world, such as Scottish and Irish, but also on unusual American names. They have advice on nicknames and middle names and have a very nice name generator.

For finding some really unusual names, I turn to It’s a site with lists and lists of names for every letter of the alphabet.

Another great place to check is one of my favorite blogs, She has some great names there, and I have used my share! Two of my favorites have been Ryland and Sidra.

Many of my names have come from Google searches. One of the best things to search is “unusual girl’s names” or “unusual boy’s names.” You can usually find a list of sites that will have some names that might work. I have searched for genre specific names as well and gotten some good results. Since I write dystopian, searching for “dystopian names” has found me a few that I’ve used.

For any of my readers that write The Hobbit or The Lord of the Rings fanfiction, or just need a fantasy/Elvish sounding name, has a great section on girl’s and boy’s names translated into Elvish. I usually just glance over the Elvish names and choose one that fits.

One last way I’ve found to discover great names is to listen to the names mentioned around you. With all the people you encounter at stores, the library, church, or even the doctor’s office, the perfect character name might be the next one you hear.

~ Kayla


2 thoughts on “Character Name Resources

  1. Ooh. Thanks for sharing these websites! I always have trouble coming up with good names for my characters that are unique, yet also not too far out there in terms of pronounce-ability. =P
    Another technique I have used a lot for coming up with names is taking a walk through the graveyard in town. Perhaps slightly morbid, but really really awesome. It’s an old graveyard started in the early 1800s, so there are a lot of cool names to be found that aren’t impossible to pronounce and that still look like real names, but that aren’t really common anymore. I have also taken names found on gravestones there and modified them a bit to fit my characters. It is quite helpful. I’ve found some nice names like Lelia and Reap, or Erastus and Julian. Things I wouldn’t think of off the top of my head for a character, but that are really quite nice.

    • You’re welcome! Graveyards are a great idea. I really like the name, Reap. Since I don’t have an 1800’s graveyard around here, I’ve found lots of interesting names by searching for censuses from around the same time. (I forgot to mention censuses as a way to find good names in my post.) My personal favorites that I’ve dug up are Blanche, Hazel, and Vera. They sound so cool! 😀
      ~ Kayla

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