5 Tips on Curing Writer’s Block

Ever have one of those days? You know the one where you just can’t think of anything to write about? Writer’s block is THE worst thing about writing. I go along, writing just fine and then suddenly…I’ve got nothing. Nothing. I sit there, drum my fingers against the keyboard…and still have nothing. So, instead of getting frustrated, I’ve learned to try one of these 5 writer’s block busters.

1. Change it up
Maybe you’re not completely unable to write. Maybe it’s just the project you’re working on. So, work on something else, especially something enjoyable. If I’m writing and feel writer’s block coming on, I switch to another project, usually an already in progress fanfiction because they’re fun to write! Also I feel like some of the pressure of creating a new world is gone, since of course, the world is already built for me. Once the feelings of frustration are eliminated, I can come back to the original project and make good progress.

2. Go and smell the roses
Sometimes, you just need to walk away from the keyboard (or the notebook) and take a break. Instead of trying to ‘push through'(which is occasionally required), sometimes it is better just to walk away. Shut down the computer, take a walk, listen to music, draw, etc. Anything other than writing. Sometimes I find that it’s not actually writer’s block, but it’s just me telling myself that I need a break.

3. “I’m going on an adventure!”
Maybe it’s because you’ve been trapped behind the same desk, in the same room (or on the same bed, in my case!) for too long. Take the laptop/notebook and move. Go outside in the grass, to a coffee shop, or any place other than the usual writing place. I actually brainstorm ideas when I’m ice skating. If the ice is too crowded to actually get any practice done, I’ll skate around, and just think over plot ideas, since I really can’t skate and type at the same time. 🙂 Sometimes, you just need a new view.

4. Houston, we have a problem
I tend to have a bout of writer’s block if I know that I’ve made a plot mistake or am not happy about a certain scene. It’s like I’m telling myself I have to go back to fix the problem before I can continue. I’ll feel stuck for a few days then open the Word doc, reread what I’ve written, see the glaring plot hole, fix it, and then the writer’s block is poof, gone. So maybe that writer’s block is actually a mistake crying out to be fixed.

5. “He’s dead, Jim.”
Sometimes the novel is just…dead. It’s time to have the funeral (I know it’s painful) and move on. That could be the reason why you just can’t seem to make any headway. It’s hard to continue work on a project that doesn’t have life in it any more. I’ve had plenty of ideas that sound great when I start, and when I begin writing, everything is wonderful. As the novel grows and I continue to flesh out the idea, I arrive at a point and stop, completely unsure about where to go next. Then I reread what I wrote, and realize that I don’t have writer’s block, my idea is just dead. So, sometimes, it’s not actually writer’s block, it’s the project itself.

These are my five tips on curing writer’s block. While these five things work for me, everyone is different and has their own methods that work for them. What do you do when you have writer’s block?

~ Kayla


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