Character Names – Aidric and Cerys

Today’s post is concerning one of my favorite subjects related to writing: names! I thought I’d post two character names that I’m particularly fond of. Feel free to use them for a character in your next novel/short story/fanfiction. No promises that I’m not going to use them in my own writing, of course. 😉

Let’s start with Aidric. I really can’t remember where I first heard this boy’s names. I like the name since it has almost a Celtic sound to it, at least to my ears. Where did this name actually come from? Well, the naming world is in disagreement over this name. It is possibly the name of a 9th century bishop in Charlemagne’s court, but it is quite possible that his name wasn’t actually Aidric and that the name came from a misspelling. According to, the name means “Blessed ruler.” Whether this name is really a misspelling or truly a historical name, I think Aidric is a really unusual name for a fantasy or historical character.

Next up is Cerys. I first heard this girl’s name after doing a Google search and ended up on a British baby name site ( I really loved the look and sound of the name. I originally thought the pronunciation was “Sear-iss,” but it is actually “CARE-iss.” Either way, the name is an unusual and pretty one. It’s a Welsh name that means “Love.” I personally would use this name in a contemporary novel, but I think it could work for other genres, too.

What do you think of the name Aidric and Cerys? Would you use them on a character?

~ Kayla


One thought on “Character Names – Aidric and Cerys

  1. Great topic. I used to struggle over names, and oddly it just went away. I do Sci Fi, so I go counter to the notion that a name has to be Sci-Fi-ey (i.e., nothing you would see today). I just have names fall out of my head.

    I love the name Cerys, but I had a Hannibal Lecter moment reading this, even though that name was Clarise.

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