If I Were Stuck on a Deserted Island…

As a writer, I like to take every chance I get to write, and I’m willing to write anywhere such as in line at the grocery store or waiting at the doctor’s office. But what if I were stuck on a deserted island? I would want to write while I was there. What would I have to have to write with? What writing tools could I not live without? (This is assuming I would not have internet, which makes my life a whole lot easier while writing.) Well, here’s 6 things I’d need to have to write.

1. My Laptop
I admire anyone who writes longhand in a notebook. I really do. I’ve tried to write longhand, so that I could have my WIP (work in progress) with me at all times. My attempts always failed. I’m just not one of those people. Not at all. I have to have my computer in order to do any kind of functional writing. So, if I were stuck on a deserted island and wanted to write, I’d have to have my computer. And unless I had access to electricity, it would have to be a solar one.

2. Music
I love listening to music while I write. I can’t seem to focus on my writing without it, and I enjoy choosing music that matches the “mood” of my novel, helping set the tone. So, if I were going to be stuck on this island, I’d have to have my mp3 player (solar powered once again :)) and my headphones.

3. Baby Name Book
It’s kind of a odd thing to bring along with my computer and music, but I’d have to have a baby name book. I have to have a working name for a character before I write them. I don’t know why, it just helps me to have something to call them. So, I’d have to a have a baby name book if I were going to write on a deserted island.

4. A Thesaurus
I usually use an internet-based thesaurus, but since there’s no internet on this island, I’d take a regular book thesaurus instead. This is probably one of the most universally used writing tools. It’s incredibly useful for finding those interesting words that really spice up your writing and is something that I couldn’t live without.

5. A Grammar Reference Book
Since this is a deserted island, I’m assuming that includes editors, too. Since I’m not the best editor known to man, I’d either need a real, live editor or a book where I can reference grammar rules so that I’d be able to edit my work.

6. My Novel Idea Notebook
This is a notebook I started a couple nights ago, but it’s already become something I wouldn’t want to write without. I started filling a notebook with interesting news articles, quotes, and even a picture or two that could inspire a novel. With all the spare time I’d have on the island, I would need its inspiration for all the novels I’d write.

That would be what I’d need to write on a deserted island. What would you need to write on a deserted (internet-free) island?

~ Kayla

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