Monthly Link Share – Ack, Oh, Mm-Hmm

Today I’d like to share some links to articles I’ve enjoyed reading this month and that have been really helpful to me.
This is a list of the meanings and spellings for interjections like oy, ack, oh, mm-hmm, and uh-huh. My personal favorite is “Oy.” I say that all the time! πŸ˜‰ 
This is a very entertaining article called “7 Things that Will Doom Your Novel.” It’s a list of things that you can do to make sure that you never get around to writing your novel. The article is very funny and let me know how great I am at not writing a novel.
My third link is from my favorite writing blog, Go Teen Writers. While the website is for teen writers, I think this article could apply to any writer. I was really encouraged by the article when I read it. I’ve always read how people have to edit out so much of the first draft. I have the opposite problem and rush the story and have to add more. It was nice to hear I wasn’t the only one who always has to add to her first draft! It was also encouraging to realize that any problems in my current first draft(s) are nothing new and that other writers have had the same issues.

Warning: The video below has nothing to do with writing whatsoever. I am sharing it because I love Blimey Cow. Blimey Cow is a YouTube series created by two homeschooled brothers, Josh and Jordan Taylor and Josh’s wife, Kelli. Their weekly Monday videos, called Messy Mondays, have become a hit on YouTube and are always incredibly funny. They are sure to make any Monday great.  Blimey Cow’s website is here: and here’s one of my favorite Messy Mondays:

~ Kayla


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