Character Names – Nils and Kitra

Today I’m sharing two of my favorite names for a character, Nils and Kitra. You can use these in your next project if you’d like. No promises you won’t see these names in my writing, though! 😉

Let’s start with the first name, Nils. The name is used in Scandinavian countries, as well as English ones, though the name is actually Greek. This Greek boy’s name is a form of “Nikolaos” meaning “victory of the people” according to Baby Names World ( Nils is pronounced “Neels.” I did a Google search on famous people named Nils, and I actually found a penguin. There is a penguin named Nils Olav. He is the mascot of the Norwegian Royal Guard and resides in Edinburgh, Scotland. (you can read about  him here: If any reader has been/lives in Scotland and has seen the penguin, please comment and tell me about it! 🙂 My character in my newest novel idea is named Nils as well. I haven’t really fleshed out his character at all, but he’s a stage actor and is moving towards turning traitor, dragging the main character with him.

The second name is the girl’s name, Kitra. I adore this name. It has such a cool sound to it. The first time I heard it, I desperately wanted to use it. I still haven’t found the character to fit the name, but I will use it one day! Kitra is a Hebrew name that means “crowned one.” It’s pronounced “KIT-trah” according to It’s not a very popular name and still fairly uncommon. I think this one would be especially cool as a more scifi/fantasy name.

Would you use these names for a character (or a penguin)? What do you think of them?

~ Kayla


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