Bag End – Part 2

Last week, I posted the first part of one of my OC Hobbit fanfiction scenes. In case you missed last week’s post, Nerissa had just asked to come along on the dwarves’ quest and had been denied.

“Thorin, I am truly sorry,” I heard Gandalf say beside me. “This is the daughter of an old friend. I believe she may have followed me from her homeland of Rohan. I can assure you, she will not join this quest.”

“Why can I not join the quest? I may be young, but I can fight. I am here, able and willing to help regain your gold. I ask nothing in return. Why can I not join you?” I pleaded, turning to both Gandalf and Thorin.

“Your family does not think you should be on this adventure,” reminded Gandalf.

“I am here, am I not?” I retorted, a bit snippily, I confess.

“You say you can fight?” Thorin asked. “Have you ever been in battle before?”

I shook my head. The dwarves snickered. “You are still a child,” he repeated to me. “Go home, back to your family.”

My cheeks burned blood red, as I slowly turned away from the dining room. My chance, my adventure, everything I’d dreamed of, gone. Gone because of some dwarf’s will.

“Let her come, Thorin!” I heard a voice call out. “She wants a quest; she’ll get it.” I stopped and slowly turned back towards the voice. The dwarf with the funny hat spoke.

“Sit down, Bofur,” commanded Thorin. “I have made my decision.” The dwarf called Bofur, sat back down, his eyes resting on me.

“At least let me show you I can fight,” I begged, encouraged by Bofur’s support.

“Kili, come with me,” Thorin ordered the brown-haired, brown-eyed dwarf in the corner. He made his way around the table. Thorin motioned to me, “You want a chance to prove yourself? Follow me.” I trailed after Kili and Thorin as we stepped outside into the cool moonlit night. Torches in front of the individual homes lit the way as we started down the small path in front of the house.  The other dwarves, eager to see what was going on, filed out after us. Thorin stopped suddenly and motioned to Kili. “Pick a target,” he directed.

Kili glanced around and suddenly pointed. “The apple. Up there on the tree on the hill.” He looked at me as he said it, drawing an arrow. With a smooth motion, he notched and fired his bow, right into the heart of the apple that I thought was my target.

“Good shot,” I whispered, impressed.

Kili nodded at me, “Now split my arrow.”

I stared at him, openmouthed, “What?”

“Split my arrow down the middle,” he repeated, giving me an encouraging, almost friendly nod, “Go on.”

Split an arrow? I have never done that before. I notched the arrow to my string.  I have to hit this. I can hit this. It isn’t much smaller than my smallest target at home, and I can hit that day or night. I lined up my shot, trying to keep the point steady on the shaft of Kili’s arrow. I took a deep breath, checked my aim and fired. The arrow flew forward. I closed my eyes, unable to watch the shot that carried all my dreams with it. I heard the crunch and splinter of wood as Kili’s arrow shaft split in two, and then the hard plink as my arrow tip hit his.  For a moment, no one moved or spoke or even breathed.

“Check the shot,” Thorin ordered, sounding ever so slightly shocked.

Kili jogged up the hill to where the apple had fallen on the ground and returned with it resting in his hand, his arrow cleanly split down the middle. “The arrow is split.” He handed the apple to Thorin, who inspected it. “She’s an impressive shot,” Kili said, flashing a quick smile in my direction.  

Staring off in the night sky for a long moment, Thorin finally glanced over at me. “Welcome to the company of Thorin Oakenshield. Balin, give her a contract.”

We stepped back inside the green door and a dwarf with a white beard handed me a white sheet of paper, covered with words that I couldn’t even begin to read in my state of pure excitement. Someone else handed me a pen. Thorin and Balin signed before me and pushed it over. There, in the presence of the company I signed the contract. My name was written: Nerissa of Rohan. At long last, I was finally going on my adventure.

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla


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