An Interesting Word – Blimey

Blimey is a totally awesome word. Besides the fact that it’s British (I would love to visit the UK one day), this word has been in many of my favorite books, movies, plays, and even youtube videos. The very first place I encountered it was the youtube channel, Blimey Cow.

So, just what does this word mean? Blimey is a British slang word used to express surprise or annoyance. It originally came from the words “God blind me!” which then were shortened to “gorblimey” or “cor blimey.” It originated in Britain in the 1880’s. It can be spelled “blimey” or “bly me.”

I had NO trouble finding quotes for this great word.

It is found in the play Pygmalion (which inspired my favorite musical, My Fair Lady) by George Bernard Shaw in Act 1, when Colonel Pickering, Professor Higgins, and Alfred Doolittle first see the clean version of Eliza Doolittle, the heroine of the play. Alfred exclaims, “Bly me! It’s Eliza!”

Another book that uses the word  is one of my favorites, The Hobbit. In the chapter entitled “Roast Mutton,” Bilbo sneaks up on the trolls and is caught. The troll named William says, “Blimey, Bert, look what I’ve copped!”

And finally, what kind of “blimey” post would this be without including a Blimey Cow video? 🙂

~ Kayla


4 thoughts on “An Interesting Word – Blimey

  1. I’m British, and I’ve personally never ever seen the word spelt ‘bly me’. It must be an archaic spelling. It is a great word though – I do love our slang 😛

    P.S. If you do ever come and visit the UK, bring a waterproof coat 😉

    • I’ve mostly seen “bly me” in older books, so I would agree with it being an archaic spelling. British slang is really cool. The UK has some truly great words/expressions.

      I’ll remember the coat if I ever get a chance to visit. 😉

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