Quote of the Week

Welcome to the quote of the week! Today’s quote comes from John Steinbeck, author of the Pulitzer Prize winning novel, The Grapes of Wrath. I really like this quote because with NaNo coming up in just over a week or so, I’m definitely thinking (worrying) about if I’m going to be able to finish the goal or not.

“Abandon the idea that you are ever going to finish. Lose track of the 400 pages and write just one page for each day, it helps. Then when it gets finished you are always surprised.” – John Steinbeck

~ Kayla


3 thoughts on “Quote of the Week

    • Thanks!
      I’m not on the NaNo site yet. I’m planning on joining the teen version of NaNo and have to decide on my final word count goal. I’m awful at making decisions. XD My username (if it isn’t already taken) will probably be the same as my WordPress name (anstermonster14). I’ll let you know when I finally sign up, which should be sometime this week (hopefully).

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