NaNo Approacheth

I have exactly three days until NaNo starts. AH!  I’ve been waiting so long, I can’t believe it’s finally here. I’m all signed up and ready to go.

For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month. NaNo, as it is called, is a challenge where writers try to complete a 50,000 word novel in one month. And that month is November, which is only a few days away! You can’t have anything written beforehand, and it can’t be a second draft. You can, however, plan out your novel as much as you’d like (as long as not a word of your actual novel is written!), and I’ve been planning busily for the past week or so. Anyone can participate by signing up on their site, which can be found here: They also have a program for kids and teens, called the Young Writer’s Program, which is the exact same thing, only you can pick your own word count. You can find that here:

Now that everyone knows what NaNo is and why it’s approacheth-ing  (“NaNo approacheth” has been my catch phrase for about 3 months now.), I thought I’d share my plans for NaNo.

I’m going to be doing the YWP (Young Writer’s Program). I was going to go with the traditional 50,000 word NaNo, but after thinking about it, I came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t have enough time in one day to complete my word count. That being said, I’m going for a total word count of 35,000 words. My daily word count will be about 1,167 words, a little over what I’m writing now. I plan to try the 50,000 word count goal during the summer for Camp NaNo when I’ll have the time to actually get all my writing done. Now, what will I be writing all 35,000 words about? Here’s the logline for my book:

Returning after 150 years, alien invaders make a second attempt to take over the earth, and a brother and sister pair, caught behind enemy lines, are left to grow up alone and to defend their devastated home against the alien authorities, and in the end find out a disturbing truth.

I came up with the plot a few months ago and decided to use it for my NaNo novel. Writing the logline, I realize the story sounds a little corny, but I have a few twists and surprises planned that I think will make for an original novel.  I’m in love with the characters I’ve created, and I’m really excited to try my hand at designing an alien race. The only thing I need is a good title.

What are your NaNo plans? Leave a comment and tell me. 🙂

~ Kayla


One thought on “NaNo Approacheth

  1. WHAT. THREE DAYS??!!?? *runs away screaming* I’M NOT READY!!!!! …butbutbut I so exciteddddd =D =D =D woohoo.
    Hmm. I didn’t know that about it not being allowed to be a second draft…interesting.
    I was trying to explain my novel concept to my roommate last night and realized how incredibly lame it sounded. XD My working title/concept is “Separated by Timezones” – and I’m planning to write a semi-fictional memoir-type-thing. So I guess that makes me a semi-NaNo-Rebel. =P *feels rebellious* Vive la France! *red flags and epic Enjolras speeches*

    Ah. NaNo. ❤ *prepares for brain to be eaten*

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