Weekly Writing Wrap-Up: October 25 – 31

Welcome to my Weekly Writing Wrap-Up!

Total Word Count for the Week: 9140

Top Writing Day: Wednesday was my top writing day at 2352.

What I Worked On: I worked on outlining my NaNo novel and Hobbit fanfiction.

The Good News: I got my outline done and went way over my weekly goal. YEAH!

The Bad News: I didn’t make my 1,000 word goal for Thursday at all because I didn’t start writing until midnight, November 1, so I could start on my NaNo novel. I was too excited about NaNo to try and write anything else!

Lesson Learned: Never, ever, ever procrastinate outlining a NaNo novel. I did and was sorry for it. I did manage to finish it Wednesday night after working on it for 3 hours. Needless to say, I should have done this early in October so I didn’t have to panic and try and get it done at the last minute.

Goal for Next Week: Since this is NaNo month, my goal is 1,167 words per day.

If you’d like to share your word count with me, comment below, and let me know what it was.

~ Kayla


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