Grammar Rule – Affect vs Effect

When I’m faced with a sentence that needs the word “affect” or “effect,” I do my best to rewrite the sentence so I don’t have to figure out which is which! It’s just simpler to avoid them than try and figure out which one to use. Well, sometimes there’s no way out, no escape! I wrote this post to hopefully clear up the confusion. Maybe it will be helpful to you, too.

The One Ring was starting to affect Frodo’s mind.

Most of the time “affect” is a verb meaning “to influence.” In this case the One Ring is influencing Frodo’s mind, so “affect” is the word to use.

The radiation from the star affected the Enterprise’s engines, leaving the ship without warp drive.

In this sentence, the radiation was influencing the Enterprise’s engines, so you would use the verb, “affect.”

Due to the One Ring’s effect on the Fellowship, Frodo decided to travel to Mordor alone.

“Effect” as a noun means “result.” And we all know the evil results of the One Ring.

Because of the radiation’s effect on the engines, the Enterprise was stuck in the system for a day.

The engines malfunctioned due to the radiation, so, you would use the noun, “effect.”

The One Ring affected the Fellowship, and because of this effect, Frodo went to Mordor alone (with Sam).

The One Ring influenced the Fellowship in the beginning of the sentence. It’s being used as a verb, so you would use “affect.” The result of this influence is that Frodo went to Mordor alone (with Sam). Since it’s being used as a noun, you would use “effect.”

Hopefully this post affected the way you use “affect” and “effect,” and the effect is that there is less misuse of these words! 😉 This post only covers the more common uses for “effect” and “affect.” If you need to know the rare usages of these words, you can check out this link below:

~ Kayla


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