Monthly Link Share – Creating Ebook Covers

Today I’m sharing a few links that I’ve enjoyed reading through and that have really helped me out!

The first link is a site that lists grammar rules written in a humorous way, which makes them easy to remember and quite entertaining to read.

This is a tutorial of how to make your own ebook covers in Powerpoint. I was shocked by his results and how professional they looked! I definitely want to try his tutorial out if I ever design an ebook cover.

The Young Writer’s Program for NaNo has a great pep talk section on its website where published authors “provide advice and inspiration throughout the month.” I personally find them super encouraging and have signed up for the monthly email.

This one is my favorite:

This is for my fellow Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit fans. Think you’ve already heard every rumor about the new Hobbit movie? Think you’ve managed to dig up every tidbit, every secret picture? I guarantee ToRN has something new for you. ToRN stands for, a Lord of the Rings news site which reports on everything and anything remotely LOTR or Hobbit-y. From sneak peaks of the movie to secret spy photos of Beorn’s house, you’ll see it first on ToRN. One of my favorite features is their frame-by-frame analyses of the Hobbit trailers which can span for pages and are ridiculously funny. They also host one of the best LOTR/The Hobbit web series, Happy Hobbit, which is hosted by Kili and Fili, sisters who are also known as Kelly and Alex. Additionally, ToRN has a library section, complete with in-depth articles about Middle-Earth and its creator. So go check them out, you won’t regret it! (Warning: Addiction may occur. If it does, don’t say I didn’t warn you! :))



5 thoughts on “Monthly Link Share – Creating Ebook Covers

  1. I don’t usually look at production news or sneak peeks…I like to be surprised. =P Also idk if I am excited enough about the remaining Hobbit movies to take the initiative to research much about them…*risks being beheaded by Hobbit fandom* 😄 haha. …*checks out ToRN briefly anyway* …Oo. Sir Ian in Waiting For Godot…Somehow I will find a way to watch that. there better be a film released. =D
    ..0_0 …wait. Wait. Waitwaitwait. Am I seeing things? LotR Musical IS COMING BACK??? WHAT IS THIS LIFE-CHANGING NEWS. O___________O AHHHHHHH!!!!!
    my life has kind of just been literally made complete. I will find a way to see this. Life goal. Agh. I hope it comes to somewhere at least kind of near me…shoottttttttt. *Must. See.* O_O *freaks out. a lot.*
    Thank you Kayla. You have just changed my life.
    for the better, dun worry. 😉

    • *swings ax and then stops* I guess not everyone has to be thrilled by the Hobbit movies … *grumbles*

      You’re welcome … I guess, for the life change? 😄 ToRN can do that to you. One moment, everything is fine, and then BOOM! There’s the most amazing article, right in front of you. Had that happen when I heard the credit song for DoS. 0_0 Now that was truly transforming… 😉

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