Monthly Link Share – Creating Ebook Covers

Today I’m sharing a few links that I’ve enjoyed reading through and that have really helped me out!

The first link is a site that lists grammar rules written in a humorous way, which makes them easy to remember and quite entertaining to read.

This is a tutorial of how to make your own ebook covers in Powerpoint. I was shocked by his results and how professional they looked! I definitely want to try his tutorial out if I ever design an ebook cover.

The Young Writer’s Program for NaNo has a great pep talk section on its website where published authors “provide advice and inspiration throughout the month.” I personally find them super encouraging and have signed up for the monthly email.

This one is my favorite:

This is for my fellow Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit fans. Think you’ve already heard every rumor about the new Hobbit movie? Think you’ve managed to dig up every tidbit, every secret picture? I guarantee ToRN has something new for you. ToRN stands for, a Lord of the Rings news site which reports on everything and anything remotely LOTR or Hobbit-y. From sneak peaks of the movie to secret spy photos of Beorn’s house, you’ll see it first on ToRN. One of my favorite features is their frame-by-frame analyses of the Hobbit trailers which can span for pages and are ridiculously funny. They also host one of the best LOTR/The Hobbit web series, Happy Hobbit, which is hosted by Kili and Fili, sisters who are also known as Kelly and Alex. Additionally, ToRN has a library section, complete with in-depth articles about Middle-Earth and its creator. So go check them out, you won’t regret it! (Warning: Addiction may occur. If it does, don’t say I didn’t warn you! :))



5 thoughts on “Monthly Link Share – Creating Ebook Covers

  1. I don’t usually look at production news or sneak peeks…I like to be surprised. =P Also idk if I am excited enough about the remaining Hobbit movies to take the initiative to research much about them…*risks being beheaded by Hobbit fandom* XD haha. …*checks out ToRN briefly anyway* …Oo. Sir Ian in Waiting For Godot…Somehow I will find a way to watch that. there better be a film released. =D
    ..0_0 …wait. Wait. Waitwaitwait. Am I seeing things? LotR Musical IS COMING BACK??? WHAT IS THIS LIFE-CHANGING NEWS. O___________O AHHHHHHH!!!!!
    my life has kind of just been literally made complete. I will find a way to see this. Life goal. Agh. I hope it comes to somewhere at least kind of near me…shoottttttttt. *Must. See.* O_O *freaks out. a lot.*
    Thank you Kayla. You have just changed my life.
    for the better, dun worry. 😉

    • *swings ax and then stops* I guess not everyone has to be thrilled by the Hobbit movies … *grumbles*

      You’re welcome … I guess, for the life change? XD ToRN can do that to you. One moment, everything is fine, and then BOOM! There’s the most amazing article, right in front of you. Had that happen when I heard the credit song for DoS. 0_0 Now that was truly transforming… 😉

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