Character Names – Michio and Sakiko

I love everything and anything Japanese. I draw manga, I want to learn Japanese, and I would love to travel to Japan one day. And who doesn’t love the adorable kawaii animals, dolls, and drawings that are just so, well, kawaii? I also love Japanese names. They have such an exotic sound to my western ears, and they have beautiful meanings, too.

The first name is a Japanese boy’s name. Michio is said just how it looks, “mee-chee-oh.” It means “man with the strength of three thousand” according to There is actually a famous American theoretical physicist named Michio Kaku.

The second name is a Japanese girl’s name. Sakiko is said just how it looks, as well, “sa-kee-ko.” It’s a beautiful name with an equally beautiful meaning, “blossom child,” according to

Either name would be great to use for a contemporary novel or, of course, manga or anime.

I hope I’ve given you some names that you’ll be able to use for your next characters! If you’re interested in more information, here’s a great website that explains how Japanese names work.

~ Kayla


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