The Adventure Begins – Part 6

Today I’m posting the final part of my OC Hobbit fanfiction, “The Adventure Begins.” This six part series relates the story of the time between Bag End, where Nerissa, my OC, meets the company, and the next big movie scene with the trolls. In the last part, Kili and Nerissa rescued Fili from the river, and now we find out if Fili survived his swim! (If you hadn’t guessed already ;))

Suddenly, Fili sputtered, coughed, and spit out water. “Kili?” he asked weakly, seeing his brother leaning over him.

Fili didn’t stand a chance. Kili grabbed him and hugged him tightly. “You’re okay!”

Fili coughed some more, and Kili pounded him on his back again, trying to help him bring up the rest of the river water. “I’m fine, Kili, I’m fine,” Fili protested, pushing Kili’s arm away.

I hung back, shyly, not wanting to interrupt the reunion. I felt all my panic and energy dissipate as I stood there, and I suddenly realized just how cold I really was. My teeth started to chatter, and I leaned against Gildin, hoping that his heat could keep me warm.

“What happened?” Fili asked.

“Our ponies spooked, and we were tossed in the river. We were washed downstream and separated. I was able to grab a rock in the river,” Kili turned and smiled in my direction. “Soon afterwards, Nerissa showed up and found me. She rescued me.”

Kili bounded up, strode over to where I was standing, and unexpectedly threw his arms around me . “Thank you so much, Nerissa, for saving us. We couldn’t ask for a better friend. In fact, you’re better than a friend. You’re the sister we never had.”

I was so startled I didn’t know what to do, except to hug Kili back.

He kept one arm around my shoulder and almost dragged me back to where Fili was. “Thank you. I really mean it. I can’t say it enough times.”

I knew my cheeks were scarlet. “You’re welcome.”

“Kili! Fili! Nerissa!” We heard shouts coming from the forest behind us.

“Over here!” Kili yelled, and dropping his arm from my shoulder, waved the rider over.

I heard the clip-clop of pony hooves, and Bilbo arrived looking very relieved. “Kili and Fili? Are you two all right?”

“We’re fine, thanks to Nerissa,” Kili responded.

“Thorin is worried about you. He sent the company out to find you after you three didn’t come back.” Bilbo hopped off his pony. “What happened?”

“We were thrown into the river, and Nerissa rode in and saved us. We just found Fili. I don’t think he has enough strength to walk,” Kili informed Bilbo, gesturing to an exhausted-looking Fili.

“H-H-H-He’s also f-f-f-freezing. He n-n-needs to get w-w-warm,” I added.

“As does Nerissa,” Bilbo noted at the sound of my chattering teeth.

Kili, however, was all energy, and didn’t seem the least bit cold. He began issuing orders. “Bilbo, you take Fili. I’ll ride with Nerissa.”

I blinked, my freezing state temporarily forgotten, shocked by Kili’s willingness to ride with me. I must have looked horrified, because Kili asked, “Is that okay, Nerissa?”

I nodded, not trusting myself to say anything, and simply climbed onto Gildin’s back. Kili helped his brother onto the back of Bilbo’s pony.

He swung up behind me. “Well, let’s go.”

I obediently directed Gildin to follow Bilbo’s pony, and we started the trek back to camp. We rode in silence, which was fine with me because I was too tired to talk, and I had a lot to think over. I couldn’t believe how things had changed. I had been the target of Kili’s tricks, and now I was accepted by him and called family. No matter what else happened on this adventure, I knew I had made a friend for life.

Gildin’s hooves clipped along in a steady rhythm as we got closer to camp. Arriving there, I reigned Gildin in, and Kili swung down first, and offered me his hand like a true gentleman. Shocked again, I took it, and he helped me down.

“What happened to you two?” I recognized the gruff voice of Thorin Oakenshield as he started to question his nephew.

“The ponies spooked, and we were washed downstream. Nerissa rode into the river and saved me. We rode downstream, and found Fili,” Kili explained for the third time today.

Thorin turned his attention to me, and I realized he was going to want the whole story. My teeth chattered. I was shivering badly, and it wasn’t entirely from the cold. It would be awful to survive the violent waters of the river to die under the menacing glare of Thorin Oakenshield. I clutched at Gildin’s reigns as if hoping they would give me the strength I needed to talk to the leader of the company himself.

“What happened?” demanded Thorin.

“I-I-I-I-I-I-“ I tried to verbalized the first word. Bofur walked over, carrying a blanket. He gently wrapped it around my shoulders, and gave me a couple encouraging pats on the back. I swallowed hard, and steadied by Bofur’s kindness, replied to the intimidating dwarf in front of me. “After the ponies spooked, sir, I followed them, thinking I could stop them before they went much farther,” I paused for a second, and looking around, realized the dwarves had gathered to where Kili, Thorin, and I were standing and were intently listening to my story.

“The ponies reached the river before I could catch them, though, and there was no sign of either brother. So, I thought Kili and Fili must be in the river and needed help. I didn’t want to see them drowned, so I rode Gildin in.” The company murmured its approval for my choices, and I relaxed and started to actually enjoy relating the story.

Gloin handed me a mug of something hot. Taking a sip and smiling my thanks, I continued my story. “Well, the water was icy cold, and I couldn’t see Kili. The current was so strong poor Gildin had trouble keeping his footing.”

Bofur interrupted my story telling, commenting, “You were very brave, lass.”

I smiled and blushed slightly, realizing that not only had Kili accepted me, but the rest of the company was accepting me as well.

“I kept riding, and finally, I spotted Kili, and he … ”

Kili interrupted me and started in on his own version of the story. “I was clinging to a rock in the middle of the river when she found me. She asked if I was okay, and then offered me a ride.” He dramatically acted out the story, causing the dwarves to laugh.

“And then what did you do?” Thorin growled beside me. I stared over at him, remembering that he was listening to my tale as well, and not just the company. To my surprise, he actually looked rather interested.

“Well, sir, Kili pulled himself up, and we continued looking for Fili,” I said, directing my statement at Thorin.

“We couldn’t find him though,” chimed in Kili. “But we kept searching and searching, riding far downstream, and Nerissa finally spotted him.”

“And Kili jumped off of Gildin into the water … ” I started to tell the rest of the tale, when Kili broke in again.

“And I grabbed Fili and pounded him on the chest …”

“And then he turned me over and pounded on my back … ” Fili broke in. Once again the dwarves broke out in laughter.

“And Fili was alive and okay, and that’s when Bilbo showed up, and we rode back!” I finished off the story.

The dwarves were silent for a moment, and I was left wondering nervously what that meant.

“I think she’s earned her place in the company, right lads?” cried Bofur, breaking the silence.

“Agreed!” Kili shouted back.

The entire company yelled their agreement, and I was swallowed up in a sea of hugs and approbation. I heard “good job” and “brave girl” over and over again. I couldn’t stop smiling, I was so happy to be accepted into their midst, and to finally, truly have a place in the company of Thorin Oakenshield.

Suddenly, our shouts and conversation were interrupted when Thorin commanded, “Get a fire going. These three need to get dried off and warmed up. We’ve lost a lot of time today. We rise at first light.”

“Why does that not surprise me?” I sighed unhappy about the early morning, but content to finally feel at home in the company.

Thanks for sticking around for six weeks of my fanfiction! Next week we’ll be leaving Middle Earth and will travel to Minnesota for some holiday fun with Arden and Ben.

~ Kayla



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