Weekly Writing Wrap-Up: December 6 – 12

Welcome to my Weekly Writing Wrap-Up for this week!

Total Word Count for the Week: 3462

Top Writing Day: Sunday was my top writing day with 2054 words.

What I Worked On: I worked on a character interview for my next novel and a Hobbit fanfiction.

The Good News: I got some work done on my character interviews and my Hobbit fanfiction.

The Bad News: I had another chaotic week, so I didn’t get all my interviews done or write every day this week.

Lesson Learned: Chaotic weeks do not make for good writing weeks! My “lesson learned” is that some weeks are just going to be chaotic, and that I may not get to write as much or as often as I’d like. I definitely miss writing everyday, so I’m hoping that this week I’ll be able to!

Goal for Next Week: My goal for this week is to write every day. I’d also like to finish up the character interviews and outline for my next novel, though I’m going to focus more on just writing. No word count goal for this Wrap-Up since I’m going to focus more on making sure I write everyday.

If you’d like to share your weekly wrap-up, go ahead and post it in the comments below!

~ Kayla


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