Character Names – Yul and Noella

Even though Christmas is over, I thought I’d still share some Christmas related character names. As always, feel free to use these names in your writing, although there’s no guarantee I won’t use them myself! 🙂

Yul is a boy’s name. According to, Yul is a Mongolian name that means “beyond the horizon.” If you prefer the English spelling, “Yule,” then the meaning changes to “winter solstice.” Probably the most famous bearer of this unusual name was Yul Brynner, the actor who played the pharaoh in The Ten Commandments movie with Charlton Heston.

Noella is a girl’s name. It is French, and it’s a variant of Noelle. It literally means “Christmas” according to This is a very unusual name, so you probably won’t find that many other authors named their characters Noella. 🙂

Both of these names would be good in any genre, especially a Christmas story! What do you think of these two names? Would you use them for a character?

~ Kayla


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