You Might Be A Writer If … Part 2

Are you a writer? You might be if you argue with your fictional characters or lose sleep because you’re so excited over the latest scene you’ve written, as I shared last Monday in part 1. Today I have ten more ways for you to test yourself and see if you are a writer. While these might not apply to every writer, I hope they’ll apply to some. Enjoy!

You Might be A Writer If …

1. You create music playlists filled with songs that remind you of your character.

2. You don’t just love a TV show/movie/book. You write fanfiction about it.

3.  You can’t watch the news without thinking, “Wow, that story would make a great novel!”

4. Your favorite kind of vacation is one with a really long car/plane ride. Why? Because there’s more time to write!

5. Your excuse for watching your favorite movie/TV show when you’re supposed to be writing is, “It’s for research purposes!”

6. You’ve heard of this place called outside, but you’ve never visited it, nor do you really want to.

7. You have notebooks filled with full length novels you have been writing since you were 6 years old.

8. You have learned all sorts of random facts that relate to your most recent story. (The temperature of absolute zero and Christmas traditions in Iceland are my most recent.)

9. You’re afraid if the police ever looked at your search history, you’d be arrested. (All those times you searched “prison escape plans” for your novel!)

10. And perhaps the most important thing that makes you a writer is the fact that you write and couldn’t stop writing even if you tried!

Thanks for reading! If you have any more ideas to add to the list, comment below! 🙂

~ Kayla


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