Monthly Link Share – Ideas that Inspired

Welcome to January’s Monthly Link Share!

The first link is to a site listing some of the ideas that inspired famous books such as The Hobbit and Animal Farm. It was a short, interesting read and really fascinating to see how these famous authors were inspired.

The next link is to an article by George Orwell, author of Animal Farm (which I’m reading for school right now!) and 1984. The article is about how and why he wrote. It was interesting to read about the reasons why Orwell wrote and what experiences in his life led him to become an author.

This is a list of the some tricky grammar mistakes. I know I’m guilty of more than a few of them! The blog is written by Gloson, “a kid blogger who lives in Malaysia.” He is a published author of two poetry books!

While the following video really has nothing to do with writing, it is very entertaining! Ten2ndRule is a Youtube channel dedicated to making, you guessed it, ten second skits illustrating a point. (If you’re a Wretched fan, you’ll know what I’m talking about! 😉 ) There’s a new one every Friday. These are two of my favorite ones:

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla


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