Quote of the Week

Welcome to today’s quote of the week. It comes from Stephen King who really needs no introduction! 🙂 I like this quote since one of my goals is to read more this year. A lot of authors advise reading everything as a way of becoming a better writer, so I’m definitely trying to do that!

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.” – Stephen King

~ Kayla


2 thoughts on “Quote of the Week

  1. My favorite Stephen King quote is from an interview I found with him on youtube, about ebooks versus paper books…*grins*
    “If you drop your book in the toilet, you can fish it out and dry it off, and read it. If you drop your Kindle in the toilet, you’re done.”
    *grins* the way he says it is so hilarious (plus I completely agree with him, but that’s a different subject). XD

    • XD That’s an awesome quote and so true! You always see those Kindle commercials with people reading their Kindle on the beach, and I always want to scream at them, “You do realize that one wet hand or stray wave and you’re Kindle is gone, right?!”

      Nevertheless, knowing Kindles and water don’t mix, I still read with my Kindle (at some point while in the middle of the Sherlock Holmes collection) while brushing my teeth. The experience was successful, and I still own the same Kindle. 😉 But dropping the Kindle in the toilet probably wouldn’t have been as successful. Luckily, that I have never tried. 🙂

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