Character Names – Snow and Finley

Warning: I am incredibly biased towards these names. These are the names of my two MCs (main characters) from one of my title-less novels that I’m currently working on. It’s sort of a dystopian story about a girl, Snow, who is kidnapped by a guy working for the government, whose name is Finley, in order to train her to use her special abilities. Anyway, I thought I’d share these two names that I’ve come to love. As always, feel free to use them, but remember I had them first! 😉

Snow is a girl’s name derived from the Old English word snaw. While it is rare as a first name, I found it listed in an article entitled “Unusual Baby Names Destined to Become More Popular.”  Of course, the most famous ‘Snow’ is probably Snow White, from the fairy tale. My Snow is a bit shy and quiet, but has a definite spunky side, and her biggest fault is being overconfident. I think the name would work great in a contemporary novel, or, of course, a dystopian.

Finley can be a boy or girl’s name. I’ve chosen to use it as a guy’s name. Finley is pronounced “fin-lee.” It’s of an Irish/Scottish origin, and it means “fair-haired hero.” It has quite a history, for it was the name of Macbeth’s father. Finley is still pretty unusual, if you want a more rare choice for your character. The Finley in my story is arrogant, full of himself, and thinks he’s perfect. At the beginning of the story, he’s anything but a “fair-haired hero!” He does change though, and by the end, he’s a little less full of himself. Even with him being a jerk, Finley’s been a blast to write so far. While Finley might think he’d be perfect in any genre, I’d use him in fantasy, and of course, dystopian!

So, what do you think of the names Finley and Snow? Would you use them for your characters?

~ Kayla


6 thoughts on “Character Names – Snow and Finley

  1. I love unique names for characters! When I read a story with a character with a different name, I can’t help but think about how they got the name, what were their parents thinking when they picked it? The novel I’m working on has a character named Wolf and he’s by far my favorite I’ve ever written!

  2. Snow is very unusual, but I don’t think Finley is (though, that’s probably because I know quite a few Finleys, or ‘Fins’!) Here’s a more unusual variation of the name incorporating ‘Fin’: Finbar. I went to school with a guy called Finbar. Really love both the names! And most other names with ‘Fin’ in. No idea why, mind

    • In the USA, according to Nameberry, the boy’s name Finley is ranked at 547. In England, on the other hand, it’s at 35! So, the “Finley trend” hasn’t reached us yet. 😉 Finbar is really cool! I did a quick search on it, and it has a interesting history as well. I’ll keep it in mind for future characters!

      • Oh wow. That’d be why I don’t find it unusual then! 😉 That’s very interesting actually. Maybe it’s because of the Gaelic roots that link us all over here. Aha, well I’m sure the Finbar I knew would be touched! He totally had red hair too, so he suited his name very well 😉

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