Quote of the Week

Today’s quote of the week is a little different. This week, I’m not quoting a famous author. I’m quoting a Star Trek character! This quote comes from Tuvok, a Lieutenant Commander on Star Trek: Voyager. The quote is from the episode “Worse Case Scenario.” In this episode, one of the characters, B’Elanna Torres, finds an anonymous holonovel, and it quickly becomes the most popular entertainment on the starship. Disappointingly, it doesn’t have an ending. Tom Paris volunteers to finish it with the original author who is revealed to be Tuvok. Things get a bit more complicated than that, but my favorite part of the episode is when Tom Paris and Tuvok discuss writing and the creative process. When advising Mr. Paris how to write the Janeway character, Tuvok quotes a Vulcan writer. When I heard the quote, I knew I would have to use it as the quote of the week since, even though from a fictional source, it is so true!

“A character’s actions must flow inexorably from his or her established traits.” – Lieutenant Commander Tuvok quoting T’Hain, Vulcan author of The Dictates of Poetics

Live long and prosper!

~ Kayla


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