Captain Jack Sparrow, meet Bard the Bowman – Part 2

Last week, I posted part 1 of my POTC/Hobbit fanfiction where Captain Jack Sparrow meets Bard the Bowman. In the last part, Jack’s ship was searched and Alfrid found a jar of dirt and was attempting to bring Jack before the Master of Lake-town on charges of smuggling. Read on to find out what happens!

Surrounded by the Lake-town men, Captain Sparrow, with his jar of dirt, tried to dart through them, but was stopped when one of the men swung an oar and hit him squarely over the head. Captain Sparrow walked woozily around, until the men of Lake-town grabbed him by the arms and began to march him up to the Town Hall. Sparrow called over his shoulder to Alfrid who walked behind the group, grinning at his great victory. “Parleley, parlelellyleloooo, par le nee, partner, par… snip, parsley…parley, that’s the one! I ask for parley!”

“I am afraid I do not understand what you are saying,” said Alfrid, looking rather perplexed at what the Captain was trying to communicate.

Captain Sparrow didn’t have a chance to explain for he was soon swallowed up by the excited crowd as he was led away to the Master of Lake-town. The mass of people stopped at a platform, where Jack was shoved directly in front of a staircase. “Who is this you have brought to me?” questioned the Master of Lake Town, looking down from his perch at the top of the stairs.

Captain Sparrow took the liberty of introducing himself, the jar of dirt still tucked under his arm. “Captain Jack Sparrow.”

“And what do you do, Captain Jack Sparrow?” inquired the Master.

“I am a pirate and said pirate steals gold and is extremely fond of said metal and sails around in a ship and said pirate steals said gold in his said ship. Savvy?” explained Jack.

The Master of Lake-town blinked and repeated the one word that caught his attention. “Gold?” There was a greedy twinkle in his eye.

“Aye, mate, gold.” Jack’s face, too, suddenly had a greedy look.

“Will you listen to this pirate?” a black-haired man stepped out of the crowd holding a longbow in his right hand.

“Will? Will Turner? What are you doing here, mate? Is Elizabeth in trouble again? Have you considered keeping a more watchful eye on her? Maybe just lock her up somewhere?

The man took a step back from Captain Sparrow, and said. “I do not know who this Will Turner is, and I am certainly not he.”

“Of course, you’re Will Turner. I know you well. We’ve had many grand adventures together.” Captain Sparrow paused, thinking the matter over for a moment. “Has being away at sea for so long made you mad, mate, because you are making no sense at all. Besides, you shouldn’t even be here. The Flying Dutchman needs a captain.”

“The Flying Dutchman?” asked the man.

“Your ship!” Captain Sparrow said, making a motion with his hands. “You know, the one with the masts and the sails and the rigging and the doomed sailors and all that.”

The man looked at him, confusion apparent on his face. “I’m afraid all I own is a barge.”

“The Flying Barge-man?” questioned Captain Sparrow. Taking a moment to laugh at his own joke, Jack continued. “If you’re not Will Turner, then who are you? Will’s father’s sister’s son once removed on his mother’s second-cousin’s side?” continued Jack Sparrow.

“I am Bard the Bowman,” said a frustrated Bard. “And I’m afraid I am no relation to this Will Turner.”

Jack looked very confused, “Whatever you say, mate. I still say you’re Will gone mad. Probably because Elizabeth took all the rum from you. Well, if you have no further business with me, I guess I’ll be going.” Jack started towards the crowd, eager to make his escape.

“Not so fast,” Alfrid stood in Jack’s way. “After all, you did smuggle in a jar.”

“Not just any jar, but a jar of dirt,” Jack corrected, as he turned and tried to push his way into the crowd at another point.

“We need that jar, Captain. Or you’ll be condemned as a smuggler,” Alfrid said smugly.

“Will, mate, explain to them that this is a jar of dirt, and that I wasn’t trying smuggle anything into Lake-town,” begged Jack.

“I told you before that I am not Will!” cried an exasperated Bard. “I do not know who you are!”

“Whatever you say mate, just keep Alfrid away from my jar of dirt!” Jack called to Bard, and he took off, pushing the crowd out of the way with Alfrid and the men of Lake-town after him.

Find out next week if Alfrid and company catch up to Jack and if Bard (or should I say Will…) ends up helping him escape!

~ Kayla


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