Character Names – Chakotay and Kes

Star Trek characters have some great names. From Jean-Luc to Jadzia, the names in the series are original and unique. In fact, they are so cool, I decided to feature two of them in this blog post! This set of Trekkie names comes from Voyager. I went with Voyager this time around since it’s the Star Trek series I’m currently watching. Feel free to use these names, but with fair warning: Star Trek had them first! 😉

Chakotay is a boy’s name created for Voyager‘s first officer who is of Native American descent and a former Maquis. The funny thing about this Star Trek name is that it’s not actually Native American. It’s just a name created by the writers of the show for the character. The name is supposed to mean “Man Who Walks the Earth But Who Only Sees the Sky,” but the meaning is made up as well. Still, Chakotay is a pretty cool name, made up or not. However, this name might be a little hard to use on a character since the name was created specifically for the Star Trek character. Of course, if you’re looking for a name with Star Trek connections, then Chakotay might be the one!

Kes is a character from the first three seasons of Voyager. She is an Ocampa and is telepathic. Also, in my opinion, she has the cutest outfits in the entire series, hands down. 😉 The name Kes is actually a very rare English boy’s name meaning “falcon,” although I think it still works fine for Star Trek‘s Kes. However, if you’re looking to minimize the Trek connection, I think it would be better to use it as a boy’s name.

What do you think of these Trekkie names? Would you use them for your characters or does the connection to Star Trek rule them out?

Live long and prosper!

~ Kayla


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