“Y” So Many Paranormal Romances? – A Short Rant

I’m in high school. Apparently a magical thing happened when I entered high school. Suddenly the only kinds of books I wanted to read were paranormal romances and supernatural love affairs! (By paranormal, I mean werewolves, vampires, ghosts, etc. Elves, dwarves, and dragons are neither supernatural nor paranormal, as I have occasionally seen them classified. But that’s another rant… 😉 ) It’s amazing! I gobble down one after another without the desire to read anything else. I just can’t get enough of them! At least, that’s what my local library system seems to think.

In reality, I desire nothing of the kind. I would like to let the librarians know, some of us don’t like to read that type of book. I know that is a shocking revelation so let me repeat the concept: just because I’m a teenaged girl doesn’t automatically make me want to read about dating vampires, kissing werewolves, or falling in love with fallen angels. I really don’t want to read dark books like that. I’m guessing I’m probably not the only one.

Have you looked in your local library’s “Y” or “YA” section recently? Well, I did and this is what I found (please excuse the slightly blurry picture):

The paranormal romance section at my library. There's another whole shelf to the left with just supernatural books as well.

The paranormal romance section at my library. There’s another whole shelf to the left with more paranormal books.

My library has a small section of teen books, most of which are paranormal romance. Granted, there are other genres available to read, but not in the same vast quantities as paranormal romance.

So, what I’m asking, dear librarians, is to please stop. We have enough. No more paranormal romances. I do understand that there are some teens who love that category of books, but they already have plenty to read.

What do you think? Do you think that the “Y” section has been commandeered by sparkly vampires or do you think it’s just fine the way it is? Do you have any suggestions for a great teen novel not involving paranormal characters? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

One last comment: I have found refuge in the “J” section. They are for a bit younger audience, but you can find some really well-written and entertaining books there. I recently read two “J” books that I really loved. It’s amazing that a good story can actually be written that doesn’t involve paranormal/supernatural romance in some way.

~ Kayla


13 thoughts on ““Y” So Many Paranormal Romances? – A Short Rant

  1. I have always generally avoided the “Y” or “YA” sections of my library, as I never had much interest in the vast majority of those books. I have always tended to inhabit the section with all the classics in it, the fantasies (but usually only looking for stray Tolkien books there, since they don’t always get put with the adult literature), or the biographies, or the “how to,” instructional, technical type books (so many good ones about dance <3). However, I wouldn't be too hard on your librarians. Maybe take it out on the authors themselves, or the book market that tell us that those are what we want to read. The librarians can't help it. 😉 hehe =) I agree, though. So much trashy, superficial literature floating around and forcing itself on people. Stick with authors who are already dead, that's what I always say…much harder to go wrong there…XD
    …shoot. I hope that doesn't mean I won't be a good writer until I'm dead. o_O

    • The last time I went to my library might have been the first time I’ve ever entered the “Y” section just to browse for a good book to read. It was truly a terrifying and scary place. *shivers* I did, however, find a Sherlock Holmes book that needs to be read. 😀
      Like you, many of my favorite authors are dead. The main problem with that is that they aren’t writing any more books. 😉

        • I heard about Tolkien’s new book, The Fall of Arthur, via Theonering.net. They ran a story on it. I’ve never read any other Tolkien works other than LOTR and The Hobbit, *whispers don’t kill me, don’t kill me* but I fully plan to read The Silmarillion over the summer. 🙂

          • If I kill you, you’ll never be able to fully appreciate the brilliance and uncounted wonders of Tolkien’s genius. *grins* You should read the Sil, and post your opinions of it. =) It’s more history-book-ish and less story-ish, but it’s so beautiful. Especially the first parts. ❤

  2. Do you still like regular, contemporary YA romance? I could recommend a couple of those. My favorite YA author who does not write romance, however, is Laurie Halse Anderson. Her book, Twisted, is pretty good. 🙂

    • I’m not a big romance person. If it’s part of a larger plot, I’m okay with it, but I typically don’t read “just romance” books. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll have to check Twisted out. 🙂

  3. Sometimes it’s the book market that creates so much of one genre that it feels a little bit like their shoving it down our throats. As for librarians like myself, we take a lot into consideration when choosing books for our libraries and the most important is what students or young adults like or want to read. This might be a big section in your library, but that’s not say that there aren’t some hidden gems on the shelf somewhere or possibly something else you might like to read. 🙂 Some of the books in the picture, I noticed have more to offer than paranormal romance (Infernal Devices and Daughter of Smoke and Bone just to name a few). I’d recommend something like The Book Thief or The Perks of Being a Wallflower for a great non paranormal YA book. I agree with you about juvenile books, they can sometimes be the most fun to read. 🙂

    • Thank you for the recommendations! I’ve been meaning to check out The Book Thief, as it looks like something I would enjoy. I did find a Sherlock Holmes book in the “Y” section that looks really good. 🙂

  4. I feel your pain! I’m 20 and even in college people still LOVE the paranormal romance stuff! My college library is full of them in the fiction section. I’m more of a science fiction person, so the vampire/werewolf romance stuff really bores me.

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