Book Flashback – Four Favorite Children’s Series

I have always loved reading. I had plenty of my own books plus the stacks I brought home from the library. I’d spend hours reading them, lost in the fictional worlds. (I’m sure all those hours of reading contributed to my desire to be a writer.) My favorites I read over and over until they were falling apart. Here are four of my favorite series that still have a place on my shelves.

1. Encyclopedia Brown Series by Donald J. Sobol

Encyclopedia Brown is a boy who is a whiz at solving mysteries. During the winter, he solves cases for his police dad, and in the summer, he owns a detective agency where he charges a quarter for solving the mystery plus expenses. I loved how short the mysteries were and how the solution was always in the details, a bit like the Sherlock Holmes cases.

My two Encyclopedia Brown books. They've seen better days! :)

My two Encyclopedia Brown books. They’ve seen better days!

2. The Time Warp Trio by Jon Scieszka

The Time Warp Trio is the story of three guys – Sam, Fred, and Joe – who take adventures via “The Book.” This is not just any book, but a magical book that takes them back in time. Unfortunately, none of the boys knows how to use it, and “The Book” always disappears as soon as they arrive in a new time. The guys end up going to ancient Egypt, the Wild West, ancient China, and even the future (where they meet their great-great-granddaughters, Samantha, Freddy, and Jodie.) I literally read every book in the series. They even had a TV series which I liked to watch. My favorite book was Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge?

The first Time Warp Trio I ever read

The first Time Warp Trio I ever read

3. Hank the Cowdog series by John R. Erickson

Hank is a cowdog with a big job. He’s the Head of Ranch security with a not-so-smart assistant, Drover, and together they protect their home from invaders like Silver Monster Birds, the Deadly Laundry Monster, and of course, the mean gang of coyotes. Hank is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. The scrapes Hank and Drover get into are hysterical and the ridiculous seriousness with which Hank takes his “job” always left me laughing. My very favorite one was The Curse of the Incredible Priceless Corncob.

My favorite Hank the Cowdog

My favorite Hank the Cowdog

4. The Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Chandler Warner

It started when my mom and I read the The Mystery of the Pirate’s Map for school. I loved the book so much that I read another and another and another. This, without a doubt, was my favorite series. It’s the story of the Alden kids who lived in a boxcar after their parents died. They were adopted by their Grandfather, and now they live with him and solve mysteries. I can’t tell you how many I read. My favorite was The Seattle Puzzle (I guess because it was a bit less stereotypical than the normal Boxcar Children!). I have been known to check out the new Boxcar children mysteries at the library just to see what happens to the Aldens next. 😉 Apparently, they are coming out (April 2014) with a Boxcar Children movie. I couldn’t find a trailer. Too bad, I wanted to see it! 🙂

My two favorite Boxcar Children mysteries

My two favorite Boxcar Children mysteries

Did you read any of these series? What were your favorite children’s series growing up? Comment below and tell me! 🙂

~ Kayla


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