Character Names – Alvar and Elva

It’s only 11 days until Camp NaNoWriMo which means I’m busily plotting out my book, deciding on main characters, and, my favorite part, naming the main characters. I’ve been searching for the perfect character names all week. Unfortunately, not every cool name I dug up was “the one” for my characters. Today, I’m sharing two names I loved that I had to sadly scratch off the possible name list. Feel free to use these in your writing, but there’s no guarantee that my next NaNo novel won’t feature a character bearing one of these names! 🙂

Alvar is a boy’s name. Its German meaning is “fair, white” according to Its Finnish or Swedish meaning of “elf army”  comes from the Old Norse name Alfarr, according to The most famous bearer of this name was a Finnish architect named Hugo Alvar Henrik Aalto. I originally had chosen this name for my evil nobleman who was planning on taking the throne. I had to change his name, however, when I realized that I had four characters who had names starting with “Al” or “El.” I think Alvar would make a great villain’s name, whether he’s a nobleman or some other profession. 🙂

Elva is an anglicized Irish girl’s name. The original Irish name was Ailbhe. Elva means “leader of the elves” according to or just “elfin” according to many other sites. It used to be a very popular name about a century ago but has become more and more rare. Now, it’s an almost unheard of name. I had picked Elva to be the name of one of the queen’s servants. Alas, like Alvar, it was one “Al” or “El” too many, and I was forced to cut it. Elva would make a great name for a historical fiction piece since it was a popular name in times past.

What do you think of these two names? Would you use them for your characters?

~ Kayla


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