Trolls! – Part 3

Two weeks ago, Nerissa, my OC from The Hobbit, started her troll adventure when Kili and Fili, who were guarding the ponies, realized a few were missing. Now, Nerissa and Bilbo are weaponless and facing hungry trolls. Read on to find out what they do!

There seemed to be only one thing to do. The ponies needed our help. I knew I couldn’t let Myrtle, Minty, Daisy, and Bungle be eaten without trying to do something. But, of course, that meant facing the trolls. I glanced over at Bilbo, and he met my eyes. “Are you sure you want to go forward?” he whispered.

I nodded my head. “We can’t go back now.” Inwardly however, I wanted to turn around and run back to camp and let the dwarves take care of the ponies.

Bilbo took a deep breath, straightened his jacket, and together we moved towards the trolls’ camp. The gruff voices of the trolls floated back to us as we tried to creep along in the forest as silently as possible.

“Mutton yesterday, mutton today, and blimey, if it don’t look like mutton again tomorrow,” said one of the trolls.

“Quit yer’ griping. These ain’t sheep. These is West Nags!” the large one carrying the ponies proclaimed.

Creeping through the underbrush, I heard a sharp crack under my boot. Bilbo crouched behind a cluster of ferns, but I was too terrified that hiding would cause even more noise. After a few tense seconds, we felt safe enough to move ahead. The trolls had obviously not heard us. Bilbo went first, dashing forward a couple of feet, and hiding behind a tree. I waited for him to give me the signal to move forward.

“Well, it’s better than the leathery old farmer. All skin and bone, he was. I’m still picking bits of him out of me teeth,” one of the trolls commented.

The three trolls sat around the campfire. The one troll was cooking something in a big pot. I guess these trolls really do eat people. That poor farmer! I found myself lost in thought, thinking about what happened to the farmer and his family, and hoping the same fate didn’t await us or the ponies.

“Nerissa!” Bilbo called softly from behind the tree. I came back to reality, and dashed across as quickly as I could, standing beside him, our backs against the rough tree trunk.

“What’s your plan?” I hissed in Bilbo’s ear.

“Plan? Oh, a plan. Let’s see here…” Bilbo faltered. “I don’t have one.”

“Me, either,” I admitted. I’d been counting on Bilbo coming up with something. “I think they have the ponies in a corral over there, tied off with ropes. Maybe we could untie them. After all, how strong can troll knots be?”

Bilbo nodded his head in agreement. “Come on,” he whispered, starting to make his way around the back of the trolls.

I crept along behind him, thankful that the trolls were lost in their bickering. Once we were at the ropes, we started picking at them, trying to undo the knots. Unfortunately, those knots weren’t coming undone.

“I can’t get it free!” I mouthed to Bilbo.

Bilbo pointed at his and nodded in agreement. Suddenly, he motioned to something shiny that hung by the side of one of the trolls. A knife.

“Good thinking,” I whispered.

“I’ll try and get it.” Bilbo started sneaking in the direction of the troll. He turned back to me. “Go and get Kili and Fili.”

“I’m not going to leave you…” I started.

Bilbo gave me a push in that direction. “Go! Quietly,” he instructed.

I stumbled through the underbrush by the horses, trying to stay down out of the troll’s sight, and move as quietly as possible. I turned and looked back over my shoulder to see Bilbo behind the troll. Good, he’s almost got the knife. Suddenly, Bilbo disappeared. Then I heard a sound like a roar. I realized it was the troll blowing his nose. I turned my head away, disgusted. Trolls were nasty creatures.

“ARGH!! Blimey! Bert! Bert! Look what’s come out of me ‘ooter! It’s got arms and legs and everything,” cried the troll who had blown his nose. My eyes fell on the palm of his hand, and I realized he was holding a wriggling Bilbo.

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla


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