Trolls! – Part 4

Last time we checked in with Nerissa (my Hobbit OC) and Bilbo, Bilbo had just been used as a small, moving troll handkerchief. Now that he’s been captured by the trolls, Nerissa has a decision to make. Stay with Bilbo and try and rescue him or run back and find Kili and Fili? Read on to find out what she decides!

He is going to be EATEN! kept repeating in my head. Now it wasn’t only the ponies that were going to be a troll dinner, but Bilbo as well. I had to do something! Bilbo needed my help, and Kili and Fili were nowhere to be seen. I guess we have different definitions of ‘we’ll be right behind you’ I thought. My heart which had already been beating hard now picked up its pace even more as I frantically tried to think of what to do.

I kept down in the underbrush by the ponies’ pen, going over my two options, trying to make the best decision. I could go back and tell Kili and Fili what had happened and get backup. The downside was that Bilbo could very easily be devoured in the time it took to find the brothers. I could stay and try to rescue him. The only problem with that plan was I had nothing to rescue Bilbo with. My weapons were back at camp. I kept weighing my options, and just as I was about to make a decision one way, I’d change my mind and decide to go the other way. In the end, it didn’t matter. My nose made the choice for me. I felt it twitch, and I rubbed at it, praying that I wouldn’t sneeze. My nose twitched again, and I held my breath, but I couldn’t stop myself. “Ahhh…ahhh…ahhh…ahh-choo!”

The trolls stopped, hearing the noise. “What’s that, Bert?” asked the one.

“Shut yer mouth. I didn’t say anything!” cried the other one.

I froze in place and shut my eyes, hoping like a child if I couldn’t see them, they couldn’t see me. I suddenly sneezed again, and clamped a hand over my mouth, a few seconds too late. The troll holding Bilbo dropped him on the ground, and lumbered over to find me. I hoped the foliage would hide me, but I soon felt myself lifted off the ground. I finally opened my eyes and found I was staring into the ugly and disfigured face of a mountain troll. I squeaked out a cry of fear and disgust, and wriggled in his fingers, trying to get free.

“What is it?” asked the one troll.

“Do you think we can eat it?” asked the troll with the ladle.

I managed to cry out, “You can’t eat me!”

The troll turned from me to Bilbo, pushing him backwards with his ladle. “What are you then? An oversized squirrel?”

“I’m a Burglar – uhh, Hobbit,” stuttered Bilbo.

“Can we cook ‘em?” asked another troll.

“We can try!” shouted another one.

The trolls lumbered around, almost running into each other, trying to catch the small Hobbit. Bilbo darted back and forth avoiding the grabbing hands of the trolls. I was getting sick from the rocking motion and closed my eyes. When the rocking finally stopped, I opened my eyes and could see Bilbo was caught and held upside down in the air by the troll just like I was.

“Are there any more of you little fellas hidin’ where you shouldn’t?” asked the troll with the apron.

“Nope!” Bilbo and I answered at the same moment.

“He’s lying!” cried the other troll.

“No, he’s not, I swear!” I broke in.

“Hold his toes over the fire. Make him squeal,” Bill the troll said, ignoring my comment. Suddenly, one of the trolls fell to the ground, holding his leg and howling in pain. I twisted around as best I could, trying to see what had made the troll fall. A flood of relief washed over me when I realized we hadn’t been abandoned.

“Drop them!” cried Kili from the ground.

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla

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