Trolls! – Part 5

Imagine you were on an adventure with a bunch of dwarves, and you stopped overnight at an old abandoned farmhouse. When you went to take dinner to two of the dwarves guarding the ponies, they told you that some of the ponies were missing. Together with a Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins, you’re pushed towards the trolls’ camp, and now both you and Bilbo are captured and held firmly in the grip of the trolls’ hands. Now, one of the dwarves has attacked the trolls and demanded they let you go. Well, that’s exactly the situation my Hobbit OC Nerissa finds herself in, in this part of my OC Hobbit fanfiction. Read on to find out what happens to her next!

I had never been so happy to see anyone in all my life. I forgot the fact that Kili had left us to the mercy of the trolls. It didn’t matter. If I hadn’t been in the grip of the troll and ten feet off the ground, I probably would have hugged him.

“You what?” asked the troll.

“I said,” Kili challenged, twirling his sword, “drop them.”

The troll holding Bilbo tossed him straight at Kili, knocking him down as Kili tried to catch him.

I felt myself start to swing and suddenly realized how the troll was planning to release me. I cried out, “Wait a minute! I can walk, you know. Perhaps we can think about-” I didn’t have a chance to protest any further, because I found myself flung through the air and then landing on something, or should I have said someone.

I opened my eyes and realized I’d knocked Bilbo back down on top of Kili. I was momentarily stunned from my fall, but then realizing my awkward position, I scrambled up. Kili and Bilbo stood up as well.

“Are you two all right?” he asked, tossing my bow and arrows in front of me. I was so thankful to see them, I promised myself never to let them go again.

“We’re fine,” Bilbo answered. That was good enough for Kili, who dashed into the middle of the full-fledged troll battle going on now.

Bilbo and I looked at each other. Now that we had backup, we could finally rescue those ponies! “Whoever reaches the ponies first without getting stomped on by a troll wins,” challenged Bilbo.

I nodded, and dashed into the fray. I never expected a battle to be so loud. The shouts of the injured trolls, the clash of the swords, and the fierce cries of the dwarves filled my ears and made me almost disoriented. I ducked through the legs of a troll, and narrowly missed being chopped in two by Dwalin’s ax.

“Watch where you’re going, missy!” he growled.

“Sorry!” I said, bumping into another fighting dwarf. This time it was Ori. I threw off his slingshot’s aim, causing him to hit right below the troll’s eye.

“Hey! Look out,” Ori protested, fishing for another stone.

“Sorry!” I shouted back at him. Ducking behind a barrel, I tried my best to stay out of the way until I could figure out the best method for reaching the ponies. That’s when I caught sight of Bilbo, holding the troll’s knife. I guess he got to the ponies first.

Seeing that Bilbo had the pony rescue under control, I notched an arrow to my bow string, wanting to be helpful in some way. Perhaps I could hit a troll in the eye and be heralded as a heroine. Of course, it was easier said than done when my hands were shaking so badly I could barely hold my bow steady. From the corner of my eye, I saw one of the trolls reach down and grab Balin, lifting him high up into the air. Without even stopping to think, I aimed the point of my arrow at the troll’s arm and fired. The next thing I heard was a shriek and thud as Balin dropped back down to the ground. I did it! I saved Balin. I wanted to try shooting one of the trolls again, saving another one of the dwarves, perhaps even Thorin Oakenshield himself, but suddenly, I was knocked towards the side of the camp by a giant troll hand. The rest of the dwarves were gathered there as well, and looking at something above my head. I stood, brushed off my skirt, and looked up. There, in the hands of the trolls was –

“Bilbo!” shouted Kili, rushing forward to save him, sword in hand. Thorin put a hand across his chest, stopping him.

“Lay down your arms,” threatened the troll, “or we’ll rip his off!”

We all looked over at Thorin for direction. Slowly, he lowered his sword, and stuck it point first into the dirt. Kili looked a bit shocked at his uncle’s submission. I glanced over at Ori on the other side of me, wondering if the other dwarves were following Thorin’s lead. I heard the clatter of swords against each other as the company dropped their weapons on the ground. Kili flung his sword down, and Ori threw his slingshot with an angry shout. I dropped my bow on the ground already breaking my promise to myself. I crossed my arms trying to stop the shivers that had started. We were now weaponless and at the mercy of three, big, mean trolls.

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla



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