Book to Movie – Cyrano de Bergerac

“One thing is left … my Panache.” With these dramatic words, the famous play Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand ends. After waiting all year, I was finally able to read the last assignment in my literature course. It was just as good as I had anticipated. How could I not love the classic romantic tale of a French swashbuckling hero named Cyrano who is witty, intelligent, and, of course, full of panache. He has only one flaw – his enormous nose. He has fallen in love with his cousin, Roxane, but she loves the handsome Christian de Neuvillette. Christian loves her back, but unfortunately he lacks the wit and charm to woo Roxane. Cyrano comes up with the idea of “combining” Christian’s good looks and Cyrano’s wit to make one perfect hero to charm Roxane so that she and Christian can be happy together.

Now any time I read a book/play that I love, I want to find a movie version of it to enjoy! I already knew which one I wanted to watch because back in September 2013 AnnaEstelle left me a comment recommending the 1990 French version starring Gérard Depardieu. Taking her advice, I watched it, and it was fantastic! The movie is in French, and if you don’t speak French fluently enough, there are English subtitles down at the bottom. This was the first movie I’d ever watched in another language, so it was an interesting experience that took some getting used to. In the end though, I enjoyed the opportunity to hear the play in the original language in which Rostand wrote it. The movie followed very closely to the play, and I recognized a lot of lines which was great. One big change was when Roxane visited Christian on the battlefield. In the play, she managed to ride through the Spanish lines without coming to any harm. The movie showed her being attacked, but I enjoyed the additional action sequence and thought it helped to bring out Christian’s bravery. The casting was quite well done as the characters looked pretty much exactly as I’d imagined them while reading. Gérard Depardieu did an especially terrific job as Cyrano and really brought the character alive for me.

Here’s the trailer for the movie:

I would definitely recommend this film version of Cyrano de Bergerac. Thanks to AnnaEstelle for recommending it! 🙂 Do you have any favorite film versions of this play? Have you seen this version? Comment below and let me know!

~ Kayla



3 thoughts on “Book to Movie – Cyrano de Bergerac

  1. Ah. One of the best movies ever made. In my very humble opinion.
    Of course, I tend to think that about a lot of things. Ah well. Still. 😉
    I’m glad you liked it!! =D I love watching movies in other languages…and Cyrano’s “No, thank you!” monologue is brilliant in French. I used to have the whole thing memorized…hmm. Wonder if I can re-remember it. Hehe =)

    • I love listening to songs in different languages. I have quite a few songs in Japanese on my mp3 player since I love the sound of the language. I have no idea what they’re saying, but, hey, it sounds cool. 😉
      That’s pretty impressive that you were able to memorize the entire monologue!

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