Character Names – Iri and Senara

“Welcome to my home, Stonewater Heights.” That’s how Storm, the sequel to my novel Snow, starts. And today, I’m sharing the names of my two main characters from the novel, Iri and Senara. Feel free to use these names, but remember, they were mine first. ūüėČ

Iri is a rare boy’s name, pronounced “Eye – ree.” I first found the name here ( According to this site, Iri is a Hebrew name that means “fire or light.” This worked perfectly for my character because¬†in my books my race of characters have powers over nature, and the names I choose always refer to¬†what they have control over. Iri, as you might have guessed,¬†has power over fire. My Iri¬†is Senara’s trainer,¬†or the person who helps her learn how to control her power. He’s brutally honest and¬†definitely a leader.

Senara is a girl’s name. Even though the name starts with an “s,” it’s said ze-NAH-rah. There was¬†a Cornish saint named Senara, who some say was a mermaid.¬†The name has nothing to do with the sea, but actually means “light.” As¬†Senara has power over lightning and electricity, I thought it was a great fit for her. Senara is tough, fiery, and independent, and¬†she doesn’t exactly lives up to the “saintly” connections of her name.

Would you use these names for one of your characters? Have you come across any interesting names lately? Share below!

~ Kayla


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