Monthly Link Share – An Answer to “What’s Your Book About?”

Welcome to May’s link share! Today I’m sharing a couple of links that have been helpful to me in the past month or so!

“What’s your book about?” is probably the most terrifying question an author can be asked. One way to stop the answer from simply being “Ummm…” is by writing a logline. While there are plenty of articles floating out in internet-land about loglines, I liked this one because of the series of questions they asked.

A while ago, I played with the idea of having a pen name if I ever did get published. Here’s an article about how to pick a good one.

The final link is from Jennifer A. Nielsen, author of The False Prince. It’s a list of tips that she’s put together for writers. I thought the tips were well thought out, and while I was already aware of a few of them, there were a number of tips I’d never thought about checking my writing for. She also has an awesome blog where she posts writing tips and announcements.

I wrote a post about my favorite writing music on Monday. (You can find that post here.) Well, I love to listen to music even when I’m not writing. One of my favorite artists is Francesca Battistelli. She is a Christian artist who has released three previous albums, and last month she released her fourth, If We’re Honest. I first heard her single “This is the Stuff” on the radio and that led to buying the first album, and then the second, and now I have quite the collection! If you haven’t heard her music before, I definitely recommend it! You can find her website here:

And, of course, how could I not post one of her songs?

Thank you for reading and clicking! 🙂

~ Kayla

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