Another Award Post!

Last Monday, I posted my acceptance of two Liebster awards I had received. (You can find that post here.) Today I’m continuing last week’s theme by accepting another Liebster award, this time from Bessie Lark!

First off, I’d like to thank Bessie Lark for nominating me! I really appreciate it. 🙂 This Liebster has some different rules than the last ones. This time, I have to answer Bessie Lark’s eleven questions and list eleven random facts about myself. I have to display the Liebster award graphic on my site, and then nominate other bloggers with less than a thousand followers for this award.


Bessie Lark’s eleven questions:

1. Do you prefer hot or cold weather, and why?

HOT! I really hate cold weather. I like wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts more than sweaters.

2. What type of writing do you enjoy the most?

I prefer to write fiction, especially sci-fi and fantasy. If we want to go even more specific, dystopian is my favorite sub-genre to write in.

3. What book did you most recently finish, and was it a good read? What’s next on your reading agenda?

I just finished The Copernicus Legacy: The Forbidden Stone by Tony Abbott. It was an amazing book! I plan to read either Taken by Edward Bloor or A Web of Air by Philip Reeve next.

4. Where would you most like to live (imaginary or realistic)?

I would most like to live in Middle-Earth, especially Erebor if everyone had lived. If I had to chose a real place, it would be England, Ireland, Scotland, Japan, or New Zealand.

5. Are you excited for college? Why or why not?

I’m not really excited for college. I’m a few years away from graduating high school, so college hasn’t really entered my mind.

6. Han Solo or Luke Skywalker?

How is this even a choice? Han Solo, of course! 🙂

7. What is your least favorite color?

Yellow. I don’t know why, but I just really dislike yellow.

8. How do you fold your hands (i.e. which thumb is on top)? Can you roll your tongue?

My left thumb is on top. And no, I can’t roll my tongue.

9. Who is your favorite villain in literature (or a movie) and why?

I often love the villains more than the actual heroes, as the villains tend to be more interesting and complex. While I’m sure I’m missing some, here the ones that come to mind as my favorites: Loki from the Marvel Movies, Khan from Star Trek, Darth Vader from Star Wars, Smaug from The Hobbit, Moriarty from the Sherlock Holmes books, Cluny the Scourge from Redwall, and just because she was so much fun, Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove.

10. Who is your least favorite main character in literature (or a movie) and why?

*hides from all the Star Wars fans* Annakin Skywalker. I hated him. How can this whiny, obnoxious kid turn into Darth Vader? Ugh. For a runner up: Luke Skywalker.

11. Would you rather be Nancy Drew or the original Elsie Dinsmore and why?

Nancy Drew. I’ve read both series (well, part of them anyway), and I definitely choose Nancy Drew. I think it would be pretty awesome to be able to solve mysteries like that.

Now eleven random facts about me:

1. Once my nail polish has completely chipped off of one finger, ALL my nail polish must come off. I don’t why that is.

2. I enjoy archery and own two bows, one of which is a compound and the other is a recurve.

3.  My favorite foreign language is Japanese. I love listening to songs in Japanese, even though I can’t understand what they are saying.

4.  I love getting marshmallows, sticking them on a plate and heating them up in the microwave so that they puff up. Then I dip my finger in the gooey, hot marshmallow and eat it that way.

5.  I currently have 21 books, 7 CDs, and 1 audio book out from the library.

6. My favorite color is purple, and it is also the color of my headphones.

7. I have only been to a movie theater twice in my life. Once, when I was younger to see an American Girl movie and then last December to see The Desolation of Smaug.

8. The only accent I can do consistently is an English accent.

9. My favorite musical is My Fair Lady.

10. The latest I’ve ever stayed up was 6am in the morning. (from around 8am the previous morning).

11. While this is not about me, so to speak, I stuck it in here because it’s cute. My cat likes to sit on my shoulder and put her paws around me, essentially hugging my neck.

I am nominating the following bloggers for this award:

Jennifer K. Marsh

Ramblings of a Wayward Author

Teenage Writer

Now, my eleven questions for my nominees!

1. What was the last movie you watched?

2. What was the strangest thing you ever found left in a library book?

3. What is your favorite fiction genre to write in?

4. Do you prefer reading books or listening to them?

5. What is your least favorite food?

6. When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

7. What prompted you to start your blog?

8. Are you a night person or a morning person?

9. What toppings do you like on your pizza?

10. If you could rewrite any book, which book would it be and why?

11. What color are your bedroom walls? What color would you like them to be?

Thanks for reading, and thanks again to Bessie Lark for the nomination!

~ Kayla



11 thoughts on “Another Award Post!

  1. Thank you for the nomination 🙂
    I found myself think ‘Oh dear’ in response to a lot of your questions! Not because they are bad, but because I have no idea how I’m going to answer them! Should be interesting 😛

    I like the Japanese language too, though I can’t remember any of it (I used to know a little bit). My brother is actually fluent in Japanese!

      • You’re welcome for the nomination. I can’t wait to hear your responses! 🙂

        I know a few words from various drawing videos I’ve watched and Google translating words I wanted to know. That’s really cool that your brother is fluent! I’d love to be fluent in a language other than English.

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