Monthly Link Share – Creating Epic Heroes

Welcome to June’s link share! Today I’m going to share some links I’ve found helpful this past month.

This first link has tips on creating epic heroes gleaned from Tolkien’s works. I really enjoyed the article, and it gave me a lot to think about when I’m creating my characters. At the bottom of the page, there are links to other “Tolkien Tips.” You might want to check them out!

Last month, I wrote a post on how to use commas which you can find here. In that post, I linked to two TedEd videos I found really helpful. Well, those two videos are part of an entire writer series from TedEd. I’ve watched several of them and found their advice to be really great.

This is a Tumblr blog devoted to ways you can tell you’re a writer. I can relate to many of them, and it gave me a good laugh!

This was a fun story I found on YouTube about a teen writer who was published. I found it very encouraging!

Thanks for reading and clicking!

~ Kayla


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