Character Names – Rowen and Serenity

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working on a new novel idea. I’m not sure if it will go anywhere, but it’s been a fun project to work on between April’s NaNoWriMo and July’s. Today I’m sharing the two main characters’ names. Feel free to use these names, but remember, I did have them first! 😉

Rowen is a unisex name. I’ve chosen to use it as a guy’s name. You can spell it either “Rowan” or “Rowen.” I prefer the “e” way myself. It’s Irish/Scottish and means “little red head.” Spelled with an “a,” it is also the name of a tree that produces little red berries. My Rowen is close to becoming a high school dropout, and he’s much more interested in video games and TV shows than schoolwork. However, when he and my girl character team up to solve a mystery, Rowen proves that he’s actually pretty smart – he just doesn’t like school.

Serenity, an English girl’s name, means “peaceful.” I chose this name because my Serenity is a pretty unique girl and needed an unusual name. She is a genius, especially with computers and engineering. While she isn’t exactly arrogant, she knows what she’s good at, and she is easily irritated by Rowen’s “stupidity.”

What do you think of these two names? Would you use them for your characters? Comment below and tell me!

~ Kayla


3 thoughts on “Character Names – Rowen and Serenity

  1. Personally I like Rowan and Serenity, I like Rowan with an A only because I see it more as a female name though it is Uni-Sex as you said. My sister’s best friend named her baby girl Rowan.

    I have used Rowan as a female characters middle name before. I thought since she had a crazy fantasy name I made up she might as well have a normal middle name. Plus she is a fiery red-head with a spunky no-none-sense nature about her which Rowan fit the bill for her.

    I have used Serenity before for a character. That character was anything but Serene, Calm and had a Peaceful Disposition. That’s why I love that character, she is a fighter and a warrior. She takes nothing from nobody.

    I first liked the name Serenity on the TV Series Firefly, it was the ships name.

    So all in all Rowen / Rowan and Serenity are pretty cool names. I like that other writers are deciding to use them and like them!

    Both names are on my Character Names Galore Blog.

      • I well understand waiting for the perfect / right character for a name. I have had that same thing happen in my writing. The perfect name sticks in my head just the right character hadn’t yet come alone!

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