Character Names – Daxton and Bravery

Today is Day 3 of Camp NaNoWriMo. So far, I’ve been having a great time meeting and learning about my two main characters, Bravery and Daxton. In today’s post, I thought I’d share a bit more about their names with my readers. Feel free to use these names, but remember, they were mine first! 😉

Daxton is a boy’s name that comes from the name of a town in France according to some sources. Some say Daxton is just an invented name created in recent times. Whatever the case, Daxton is catching on as a baby name as is its shortened form, Dax. Probably the most famous Dax is Jadzia Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. (She’s my favorite character on that show. 🙂 ) I chose the name for my character after hearing it in a YouTube video. I really liked the sound, and it had the perfect “bad boy” vibe to fit my character’s personality. My Daxton is considered to be a threat to society since he refused the “Peace Pill.” Because of that choice, Dax is shut away from the rest of the population.

Bravery is a boy’s name and a very unusual name at that. In keeping with the name, I am courageously choosing to use it as a girl’s name. Of course, my story is set in a dystopian future, so maybe the name is more popular then?  😉 She will definitely have to live up to her name because one of the themes in my novel is self-sacrifice. I’m excited because I already have a line planned for Daxton to say that works really well with the name Bravery. To my knowledge, no one else has used this name for a girl.

What do you think of these two names? Would you use them for your characters?

~ Kayla


3 thoughts on “Character Names – Daxton and Bravery

  1. You always have such unique and interesting character names.
    When I saw ‘Bravery’, I actually first thought of a girl as opposed to a boy!

    • Thank you! I really love unique names, and I enjoy picking interesting ones for my characters.
      I thought of Bravery one day for a girl, and when I looked it up, I was shocked to find it was considered a boy’s name.

      • I’m shocked too, I really wouldn’t have pinned Bravery as a boy’s name at all. But, you know, nothing wrong with pushing the boat out 😉

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