Homeland – First 1,000 Words Part 2

Last week I posted the first 500 words of the first 1,000 words of my very first NaNoWriMo novel. That’s a lot of firsts! If you haven’t read the first part, you can read it here. Today is the second part of those first 1,000 words.

I pulled away, shaking my head. “No, no! I can’t, I can’t!”

Jace twisted on the fence so he could look straight at me. “Look Tessa, if you don’t climb this fence yourself, I’ll do it for you.” He grabbed my arm and started to pull me up with him onto the fence.

I gripped the chain link, my hands sweaty and shaking from fear. “I-I-I can’t –”

“Yes, you can.” Jace kept his hand on my arm as I gripped the chain link tightly, afraid that I’d fall.

He scrambled up a bit more and started to pull me up as well when his hand slipped. I watched in horror as my brother plummeted to the cold concrete below us. “JACE!” I screamed. He lay next to the fence, quiet. “JACE!” I screeched again, hoping for any response. Seeing him lying there, gave me the motivation I needed to release my grip from the fence and drop to the ground. I knelt beside him. “Jace, are you okay?”

He groaned, but seemed fine. I helped him stand up slowly. Suddenly, I heard a noise on the other side of the fence. I peered through the chain link holes, and in the darkness, I saw something move.

“What’s wrong?” Jace asked.

“I-I-I-I saw something move on the other side,” I whispered.

Jace looked past me, past the cold metal of the fence. “There’s noth -” he stopped and stared.

“What is it?” I whispered, my eyes fixed on him, and then I turned to look for myself. A figure stood at the fence, and though it was dark, I could still see that it was a man. I kept close to Jace.

“Who are you?” Jace demanded.

The man on the other side lifted his arm and stood waiting.

Jace walked over, still suspicious, and the figure adjusted his wrist so that it was visible. I took a step forward as well, curious despite my fears. It was a picture of the earth, crudely tattooed with blue and green ink. Every citizen of Earth knew what that mark meant.

“You’re one of the Defenders?” Jace asked, slightly awed.

It had been my brother’s dream to join the resistance against the Primarins, but I held him back. He wouldn’t dare leave me alone at night to participate in the Gatherings. The figure didn’t speak, only produced a tool which he used to snip away at the wires that connected the fence, creating a hole and providing a way of escape.

Hearing shouts, I looked behind me to see three Primarin soldiers standing at the entrance of the alleyway, plasma guns drawn.

“Jace! They’re here!”

Jace twisted around, and seeing the soldiers, shoved me through the hole in the fence. “Go, go, go!”

I stumbled over the cut and twisted pieces of wire, obeying him without even thinking. The Defender, seeing that I was through, took off running. Glancing back at Jace for a moment, I wondered whether he wanted me to follow or not. Jace waved me forward, and then dove through the cut fence as well. I took one last look back at the three soldiers, then at Jace, and then in the direction the Defender had fled and raced after him.

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla


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