Monthly Link Share: NaNoWriMo Addition!

In honor of Camp NaNoWriMo, I’m sharing a few links to help my fellow NaNo participants write their 50,000 words!

First up from is a list of NaNoWriMo novels that were actually published. I think this is encouraging to see because sometimes you feel that these 50,000 words won’t amount to anything. Here’s proof that NaNoWriMo novels can be successful, published novels!

While reading through some NaNoWriMo themed articles, I found one written by that bashed NaNoWriMo and the idea of writing a novel in a month. Well, the article below from LA Times Blog defends the idea of NaNoWriMo and dismantles’s argument. The LA Times article was not only an interesting read but a good encouragement to keep going and to keep writing.

If you’re writing a crime or spy novel, or if your character just needs to send a secret message, the page below is a list of cipher and code generators. You input a message, and it’s encoded for you.

My last link is to a new blog I found and have really been enjoying. Dreaming_Hobbit is a blog full of great writing tips and ideas! She also posts movie reviews from a writer’s perspective. If you’re looking for a great writer blog to follow, then check out the Dreaming_Hobbit!

Thanks for clicking! 😉

~ Kayla


2 thoughts on “Monthly Link Share: NaNoWriMo Addition!

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