Character Names – Sabin and Astra

About a week ago, I finally finished my Camp NaNoWriMo novel which meant it was time to start on my new novel. I’ve been hunting around for some character names to use, and I thought I’d share some that I found and liked but didn’t fit my characters. Feel free to use these names if they are perfect for your character! 🙂

Sabin is a Latin boy’s name that means “from the Sabines.” The Sabines were a race of people in Italy. According to legend, the Romans slaughtered the Sabine men and carried off their women. The most famous Sabin is the first name of the main character from the video game Final Fantasy VI. Although not very popular, I think Sabin is a great name.

Astra is a girl’s name. The name means “of the stars” and is either based on the Greek word “aster” or the Latin word “astrum.” It already has a sci-fi legacy with Princess Astra from classic Doctor Who. Like Sabin, Astra is not a common name, but I think both names would be great for a fantasy or sci-fi book.

What do you think of these names? Would you use them for your characters? Comment below and tell me!

~ Kayla


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