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Welcome to August’s monthly link share! I’m sharing some links I found helpful this past month.

When I researched Steven Moffat for my Author Profile post, I stumbled upon a really neat interview he did about writing and his TV shows. That interview came from the BBC’s Writersroom. I poked around a bit on there and discovered it’s a website with all sorts of cool resources for writers! They even have a section where you can send them your script. Even if you’re not a script writer, the website still has inspiring interviews and a whole blog to explore.

This is from my favorite writing blog, Go Teen Writers. Here Ms. Williamson discusses how to create characters using dialect and dialogue. I’ve never actually used dialect for my novel characters since it’s always been a bit of a mystery to me as to how to write it correctly. This was a great post that helped to demystify dialect!

This article is about adding depth and layers to your characters by giving them strengths. It takes you through the processes in an in-depth and very helpful way.

Who knew I liked pumpkin so much? It started with pumpkin pancakes, which by the way are DELICIOUS. They’re even better covered in whipped cream and syrup. Here’s the recipe to amazing and easy pumpkin pancakes:

After pumpkin pancakes, we wanted to know if there was anything else you could do with pumpkin. Apparently, you can. These are the most delicious muffins. It’s a bit like eating a healthy cupcake. You really can’t beat that, can you?

Here’s the recipe we used:

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla



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