Character Sketches Part 1

There’s nothing I like more than finally getting to see a book character with my eyes and not just with my imagination. Whether it’s in movie form or fanart or official illustrations, I enjoy being able to fully picture a character. When I’m writing my own books, I like to picture my characters as well. Sometimes I find photographs of faces that are close to how I imagined theirs, but mostly I like to sketch them out. Today I’m sharing some of the drawings I’ve created of my characters. 🙂



This is Snow, my character from my novel of the same name. She started her life in a small town in the arctic. Her life completely changes when Finley (who is down below) kidnaps her. It turns out she is a very special girl because she’s a Katari, a rare member of a race that can control nature. Snow has the ability to create and control ice and snow. Physically Snow’s most outstanding feature is her eyes. All Kataris have unusual blue eyes. She’s rebellious, independent, and stubborn because she’s been different all of her life, but Snow also has a sweet, kind side to her. I’m planning on posting chapter one of Snow’s story shortly, so stay tuned for that!

Chibi Finley in his grey coat

Chibi Finley in his grey coat

Along with Snow, my other main character in the novel is Finley. He works for the government as a Katari trainer, and his mission is to bring Snow to Fall’s Hill so he can train her to discover her powers and to use them effectively. Finley starts out in the book as Snow’s arrogant and overbearing enemy, but, as the novel progresses, the relationship changes. I pictured Finley as tall with medium length brown hair. Like Snow, Finley’s eyes are his most striking feature, although his are bright green. He hates the cold which is why in my drawing he’s bundled up in a furry grey coat! He’s not actually this tiny in the book; this is his chibi counterpart. For those who don’t know, a chibi is a Japanese character drawn in an exaggerated, small, cute style. Shhh….don’t tell Finley I drew him so tiny and adorable. He’d be horrified! 😉



Myranda is my quirky Star Trek OC. She’s the niece of Major Kira on DS9, and after her parents are killed in the line of duty, Myranda comes to live with Kira. Myranda’s actually brilliant, being fluent in numerous languages and working at the station as a teenager. She hides her intelligence behind a mask of sarcasm, humor, and an outgoing and chaotic nature. The first thing you’d notice about Myranda is her flaming red curly hair. Her eyes are dark brown which she got from her Mom’s side. She’s a super fun character to write, and her voice is very unique. I also plan on posting my Star Trek fanfiction featuring Myranda soon.

Have you ever found or drawn pictures of your characters? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla



4 thoughts on “Character Sketches Part 1

  1. I think it’s great that you sketch out your characters! I honestly can’t do mine for the life of me. I’ve tried soooo many times, but I just can’t do it. It’s a little bit frustrating to be honest, but never mind!

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