Character Sketches Part 2

My characters Myranda, Snow, and Finley got the spotlight last week, and now my other characters want in! So, here are a couple more of my character sketches. 🙂

Bravery and Dax

Bravery and Dax

These two are Dax and Bravery from my June Camp NaNoWriMo novel, Fences. They live in a dystopian society that outlaws anger, both in thought and action, and gives everyone an injection that blocks anger in the brain. Bravery is my girl MC, and she’s studying to be a nurse who administers the shot. At first, she’s loyal to the government and obeys their laws to the letter. By the end of the novel, she sees the world through Dax’s eyes and the problems the government has caused. She’s caring, compassionate, sacrificing, though a bit rash. Physically, she is pretty with long brown hair and light brown eyes. Dax, on the other hand, is a rebel. He’s grown up in the tough prison-like environment of the Fence where those who haven’t had the shot are placed. Dax is hardened, cold, and angry. He has blonde hair and intense steely gray eyes.



Lark is my MC from my April Camp NaNo novel, God Save the Queen. She’s a peasant girl who bears an uncanny resemblance to the queen. When the queen dies, the noblemen fear that someone will usurp the throne before the real heir can be found, so Lark is chosen to impersonate the queen to keep the throne from being taken. This means taking peasant Lark and transforming her into a queen. It’s harder than it might sound because Lark is independent, bold, has no respect for authority, and flaunts the rules. Her official record is filled with past law breaking and crimes. Lark is also smart, as she worked as a weapons technician fixing weapons for the Crown. When she becomes queen, she finally begins to grow up becoming a mature, law-abiding, respectable lady.  Physically, Lark has green eyes and long reddish brown hair.

Nerissa of Rohan

Nerissa of Rohan

Nerissa of Rohan is my Hobbit OC. She’s the half-Elven daughter of a Rohirrim soldier. Nerissa is a little timid and shy, but she has her own strength about her. She ran away from her home in Rohan to seek adventure, but when she signed on with the Dwarven company, she got a little more adventure than she bargained for! Nerissa has light blue eyes and dark brown curly hair. She also inherited her mother’s pointed Elven ears which she hides to keep her Elven heritage a secret from the Dwarves.

Do you sketch or find pictures of your characters? Let me know in the comments below!

~ Kayla


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