Monthly Link Share – How to Have a Scottish Accent

Welcome to September’s monthly link share! Today I’m sharing some links with you that have been helpful to me as a writer this month. 🙂

This first link is how to have a Scottish accent. I love these videos for writing accents and dialogues so that I can hear the accent and have a better understanding of the sounds in the accent. There are a bunch of accents in this series such as Irish, Australian, American, and British!

I mentioned on my Quote of the Week that I am participating in Go Teen Writer’s 100 for 100 contest where I have to write 100 words a day. This guest post is a really good reminder how important writing every day is and gives you ways to encourage yourself in that habit. 🙂

Character names are never easy. In case you’re stuck on creating a historically accurate Edwardian baby name, then have I got the link for you!

Speaking of character names, one of my favorite name-hunting websites is Nameberry. It’s not the typical baby name website, as they go in depth on naming trends, historical names, and up and coming names. They have a huge forum section as well, even including a Writer’s Corner. If you’re looking for character names, Nameberry is the place to go!

Thanks for clicking!

~ Kayla


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