What I’ve Read This Month

I’m taking a small break from Snow to share with everyone the books I’ve read this month. Even though it’s felt like a slow reading month, I managed to finish a total of 8 books!

Two of the books that I read this month

Two of the books I read this month

Pie by Sarah Weeks

When looking for new books on http://thestorysanctuary.com, I came across a review of this book. Even though it’s for a younger audience, after reading the summary, I couldn’t pass it up. When her beloved Aunt Polly dies, Alice is left with Aunt Polly’s fat old cat Lardo and the memories of her Aunt’s world famous pies. Polly’s pie crust is so famous that people are willing to do anything for it, even catnap Lardo. Alice and her friend Charlie have to solve the mystery of who took Lardo and who broke into her aunt’s pie shop.

God’s Smuggler by Brother Andrew with John and Elizabeth Sherrill

The autobiographical story of Brother Andrew’s life and work supporting Christians behind the Iron Curtain. This has to be one of my favorite books I’ve listened to. God’s faithfulness to Andrew in even the smallest areas of his life was both encouraging and inspiring!

The Death Cure by James Dashner

Thomas and his friends decide they have had enough of WICKED. They escape the compound with friends Brenda and Jorge and strike out on their own. This book, the third in the Maze Runner series, was amazing!

The Rule of Thoughts by James Dashner

This is the sequel to Mr. Dashner’s book, The Eye of Minds. I was so excited to read this book, I was first in line at the library to get it! Everything Michael knows about his life is wrong. After finding out what he truly is, Michael tracks down his friends, and together with VirtNet security, they start their hunt for the the rogue computer program, Kaine, who’s intent on murdering gamers in the virtual world of the Sleep.

A Parcel of Patterns by Jill Paton Walsh

Mall lives in the small town of Eyam in the year 1665. One day, a parcel is sent from London to Eyam carrying not only patterns for dresses, but the seeds of the plague with it. The book, based on historical fact, is heartbreakingly sad and sweet. Mall tells the story in journal form of how the plague ravages her town and the people she loves, and the solution the people of Eyam agree to in an attempt to stop this disaster.

The Turn of the Screw by Henry James

The classic horror story of a young governess who accepts the job of taking care of what she believes to be two perfect children. The blissful haven she’s created is soon turned on its head when the governess starts seeing two ghostly figures. When I was reading this novel, I was confused about what was going on and by the vague language being used. After looking it up, it turns out James wrote this ghost story to be intentionally ambiguous.

Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare

Mark Antony rules the Eastern Roman Empire, and Cleopatra is the Queen of Egypt. Two of the most powerful people in their world are caught up in a passionate love affair that eventually costs them their empires and their lives.

The Iliad by Homer

The Iliad is the oldest known work of Western literature. It’s the epic poem of Achilles’s wrath and how it affects the Greeks and Trojans fighting over the beautiful woman Helen. I read this for school and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

What books have you been reading recently? Have you read any of the books on my list? Do you have any suggestions for me? If so, leave a comment below! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

~ Kayla


4 thoughts on “What I’ve Read This Month

  1. All of these books sound amazing, especially A Parcel of Patterns – one because of the premise, and two because it’s historical. I need some more of that on my shelf. So, thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for commenting, and you’re welcome! Historical fiction is one of my favorite genres of books. I’m reading one right now about the Navajo code talkers in World War II. It’s been really good.

  2. I haven’t read any of these books :-/ Some sound very interesting and I will have to see if I can acquire a copy! I have read lots of books this past month, but the one that is most memorable at the moment is Thief of Glory by Sigmund Brouwer. If you have read The Butterfly and the Violin by Kristy Cambron and enjoyed it, I highly suggest reading Thief of Glory, as they are both very similar.
    Love your post!

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