Snow – Chapter 1 – Part 4

Last week, Snow and her dad had just returned home from hunting. In this scene, there’s a part where Snow is outside and there’s ice fog everywhere. I remember checking if fog can form in the Arctic and learning that it gets so cold in the Arctic that the water droplets in a fog cloud will actually freeze. It’s rare in the Western USA as it almost never gets cold enough, but up in Northern and Central Alaska, it can actually be quite common. I thought the ice fog was so cool (pun intended) I decided to let it hang out over Northolt for this scene! 😉

It’s past midnight by the time I’m in bed. Though my body is exhausted, I can’t sleep. Every time I close my eyes, my mind is filled with the whirling of the drones searching for me. I finally drift off and jeering villagers pursue me, chasing me out of my home. Jamin’s face is bigger than the rest, and his shouts fill my ears, and I sit straight up, heart pounding, awake again. By the time I do actually fall asleep, it’s early morning.

I open my eyes. The room is dark, and there’s no light reflecting through my window. Kiska is gone off my bed, and I assume she’s with Dad. I groan and turn over, not wanting to get up. I shut my eyes, trying to drift back off. It’s no use. I’m too awake at this point. Sitting up, I run my fingers through my messy blonde hair and push the blankets back. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I shut my eyes, listening for the typical sounds of morning. The house is completely silent. Wanting to see where my dad is, I slip off the edge of my bed. My feet patter across the floor, out into the living room.

I call his name softly, but only my stomach rumbles a response. I step into the kitchen looking for him and for breakfast. Taped to one of the cabinet doors is a note, and I yank it down, reading the messy handwriting. “Gone hunting. Meet me by the Stone at 0930.” I look up at the clock and realize it’s 0920 now. Changing quickly, I slip on my jacket and boots and head outside. An icy fog hovers in the air turning the snowy ground grey. As I walk, it becomes increasingly hard to see, but I know the way well, and my boots creak over the frozen path. It’s a short walk to the Stone, and as I near it, out of the grey blur I hear voices, and a dog’s bark and growl. I guess that the dog is Kiska, even though she never growls as she knows everyone here. Something doesn’t feel right. There’s a sense of impending doom hanging thick like the fog that surrounds me, and I don’t like it. I hurry on to get to Dad, telling myself it’s just a feeling, even though my sense of dread grows.

“I will not comply!” the shout shatters the silence surrounding me. The voice is Dad’s. I start running towards the sound. What’s going on? Are the hunter drones back? Have the villagers finally had enough of me and are trying to kick me out of the village?

“I’m afraid you don’t have much of a choice.” The voice is a man’s I’ve never heard before, and it’s accompanied by Kiska’s growl. My heart quickens. Oh, no. They’ve found Northolt. It’s over.

“She’s my daughter!” cries Dad. “I won’t let you take her!”

“She is not your daughter. Clearly you’re not understanding me. Like I said before, I’m afraid you don’t have much of a choice,” the man’s voice repeats, irritation dripping from every word.

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