Monthly Link Share – How to Narrate

Welcome to December’s monthly link share! Today I’m sharing some links I’ve found helpful this past month!

For me, narration is one of the hardest things to write. I tend to repeat myself a ton and also worry about keeping the reader’s interest. This article has some great advice for polishing your narration so it’s interesting and the best it can be!

Another thing I worry about is creating likeable characters. This article has some great tips to make sure your protagonist is relatable and not someone the readers hate!

In this article, mystery writer P.D. James gives ten tips for writing novels. Her advice is really good and touches on some points different than the advice that is usually given.

I’m not a huge Christmas music fan, but when one of my favorite artists, Chris August, released a brand new Christmas EP, I had to get it. The whole EP is a great mix of classic Christmas hymns and original songs. My favorite original Christmas song from the album is this incredibly funny and crazy song called, “Tell Me What You Want For Christmas.”

Thanks for clicking and reading!


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